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literally 1
literature 1
litigants 1
little 36
little-habited 1
liturgical 8
liturgies 5
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36 hair
36 hold
36 keeping
36 little
36 martyrs
36 partake
36 prohibits

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of the canons he showed little originality; he often followed 2 Intro | churchmen and monks having little education. The liturgical 3 3 | of Emperor Theodosius the Little (i.e., Theodosius II), in 4 3”,8 | lest imperceptibly and little by little we lose the freedom 5 3”,8 | imperceptibly and little by little we lose the freedom which 6 3”,8 | slaves to injustice lose little by little the freedom which 7 3”,8 | injustice lose little by little the freedom which the liberator 8 3”,8 | its expectations, it found little of benefit to comfort it 9 4”,11| receive from the bishops little letters calledpacific10 7”,44| even if she should let one little tear drop from the corner 11 8”,23| Illiberia, a town in Spain, a little before the First Ecumenical 12 8”,23| the time of Theodosius the Little. For seeing that the Patriarchs 13 8”,23| If they are penanced a little at a time, they can free 14 8”,23| dumb, after recovering a little on the fourth day, called 15 8”,23| man, having swallowed a little, immediately gave up his 16 8”,23| person is still breathing a little, and is not entirely dead, 17 8”,23| candidates; though not without a little shamefacedness before the 18 8”,23| brother-in-law of Theodosius the Little by the latter’s sister Pulcheria, 19 8”,23| same Emperor Theodosius the Little assembled a second Council 20 8”,23| of the head above and a little below, crosswise, that is 21 8”,23| called the small habit (or little habit), and afterwards the 22 8”,23| The Fathers know of no little habit of monks, though some 23 8”,23| promises both in regard to the little and in regard to the great 24 8”,23| habit of monks. For the little habit is an earnest, or 25 8”,23| of St. Sophia) call the little habit an earnest of the 26 8”,23| it may be said that the little habit they are wearing, 27 8”,23| some others assumed the little habit first and the great 28 8”,23| originator of it assumed the little habit first and the great 29 8”,23| the Euchologion calls the little habit a mandyas, or cloak) — 30 8”,23| those shepherds who put some little bone in the feet of sheep, 31 8”,23| is called the minor, or little, sanctification, and not 32 8”,23| young or old, great or little, instead of any other charm 33 8”,23| by Emperor Theodosius the Little and Proclus the patriarch 34 8”,23| ensued in the Roman Church a little before Leo IX. Gregory VII 35 8”,23| his Discourse 252). That little napkin is called a dominical, 36 8”,23| other benefactions. For little correction can be expected

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