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hags 1
hailed 3
hailing 3
hair 36
haircut 1
hairdressing 1
hairs 2
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36 effect
36 far
36 follows
36 hair
36 hold
36 keeping
36 little

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,20| let them grow back the hair of their heads, on the ground 2 7”,20| orders, let them tonsure the hair of their head, or, in other 3 7”,20| spontaneously, they must let the hair of their head grow back 4 7”,41| black and with a growth of hair on their head go about the 5 7”,41| choose to tonsure their hair and adopt the habit (or 6 7”,41| wearing black and growing hair on their head, roamed round 7 7”,41| willing to cut off their hair, like the rest of monks 8 7”,95| who arrange and dress the hair of their head by contriving 9 7”,95| Christians who braid the hair of their head, and comb 10 7”,95| form a topknot from the hair of his head — or, in other 11 7”,95| in other words, a lock of hair, according to an unknown 12 7”,95| undue care in combing their hair or to perfume their hair, 13 7”,95| hair or to perfume their hair, or to braid it into one 14 7”,95| into love, but to cut their hair off. But in particular St. 15 7”,95| said that if a man has hair it is a mark of dishonor 16 7”,95| Epiphanius, too, said that long hair is a thing that is alien 17 7”,95| refrain from cutting his hair for the sake of beautification 18 7”,95| laity ought to cut their hair unaffectedly, unpretentiously, 19 8”,23| circular tonsure of the hair at the point of the head, 20 8”,23| Easterners, unskillfully cut the hair of the head above and a 21 8”,23| make it by shaving the hair from the head above and 22 8”,23| word wisdom) in men is gray hair and agedness, “wisdom is 23 8”,23| agedness, “wisdom is gray hair unto men” (Wisd. Sol. 4: 24 8”,23| communities must cut their hair symmetrically; for it appears 25 8”,23| general is ugly when he has hair (and see the Footnote to 26 8”,23| ugly monks are who grow hair! But if all monks in general 27 8”,23| general ought to cut their hair symmetrically, how much 28 8”,23| and deacons, to cut their hair! For such persons scandalize 29 8”,23| do with their long combed hair. Against these incongruities 30 8”,23| have already cut off the hair of their head, a fact which 31 8”,23| head at all, nor cut the hair of their head, but let it 32 8”,23| and those who bleach their hair so as to make it blond or 33 8”,23| and those who singe the hair of their beard with a redhot 34 8”,23| their garments, and of their hair, and of their beard, to 35 8”,23| no one shall destroy the hair of his beard, and change 36 8”,23| flogged and have hos head of hair shorn off, and afterwards

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