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xenaeas 1
xi 31
xii 50
xiii 35
xiphilinus 1
xiv 39
xix 57
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35 off
35 unto
35 wit
35 xiii
35 xx
35 your
34 along

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | in autumn.~(Ap. cc. XII, XIII, XXXII, XXXVII; c. XIX of 2 1”,6 | c. XIX of Laodicea; c. XIII of Carthage.)~ ~Interpretation.[ 3 1”,6 | decrees the same thing. Canon XIII of Carthage says that if 4 1”,8 | Theophilus; c. XIV of the 7th; c. XIII of Ancyra; c. XIV of Neocaesarea; 5 1”,11| the same things in his c. XIII, by saying that anyone that 6 3”,8 | 2nd; c. XX of the 6th; cc. XIII, XXII of Antioch; cc. III, 7 4”,6 | dishonor of the ordainer.~(c. XIII of Neocaesarea.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 8 4”,11| Ap. cc. XII, XXXIII; c. XIII of the 4th; c. XVII of the 9 4”,24| the 7th Ec. C. in its c. XIII, wherein it deposes the 10 7”,6 | XIV, XV of the 4th; c. XIII of Ancyra; and cc. XIX, 11 7”,17| of the 1st; cc. V, X, XI, XIII, XX, XXIII; c. XV of the 12 7”,20| c. VIII of the 3rd; cc. XIII, XXII of Antioch; cc. III, 13 7”,29| mind.~(Ap. c. V; cc. XII, XIII, XLVIII of the 6th; c. IV 14 7”,29| also Ap. c.V, cc. XII and XIII of the 6th.~ ~ ~ 15 7”,30| LIX of the 6th; c. XII, XIII, XIV, XV of the lst-&-2nd; 16 7”,33| c. XVIII of the 4th; cc. XIII, XIV, XV of the lst-&-2nd; 17 7”,48| c. XXIV of the 4th; c. XIII of the 7th.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 18 7”,50| acting, according to Title XIII of Photius, ch. 21, and 19 7”,61| anathematizes any woman doing so, c. XIII. Read also c. XXIV of the 20 7”,93| according to ch. 19 of Title XIII of Photius.~ ~Concord.~Not 21 8”,3 | c. IV of the 1st; cc. V, XIII of Laodicea; c. LIX of Carthage; 22 8”,23| present Canon in its Act XIII, says: “This Canon prescribes 23 8”,23| requesting them. Likewise c. XIII of Ancyra decrees that without 24 8”,23| to be invalid, so must c. XIII of Antioch be considered. 25 8”,23| in Title XII and Title XIII, says that since ordinance 26 8”,23| as appears in Canons XII, XIII, XVIII, XXIX, XXXV, and 27 8”,23| Carthage, modified by c. XIII of the present; c. XV of 28 8”,23| Dionysius and cc. V and XIII of Timothy, which forbid 29 8”,23| XXXIII of Carthage and c. XIII of this 6th; and the liturgical 30 8”,23| divine Nicephorus in his c. XIII says that a presbyter must 31 8”,23| also the Footnote to c. XIII of the First, if, that is 32 8”,23| administered, according to c. XIII of the 1st and the historical 33 8”,23| they own. Photius, in Title XIII, ch. 21, says that the term 34 8”,23| Basilica (in Photius, Title XIII, ch. 3), saying: “If a soldier 35 8”,23| See the 18th ch. of Title XIII of the Nomicon of Photius,

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