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take 148
taken 82
takers 1
takes 34
taketh 3
taking 36
talents 2
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34 secular
34 spiritual
34 state
34 takes
34 thereto
34 xviii
33 back

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | even more obvious if one takes into account the canonical 2 4”,3 | which term is meant one who takes care of and attends to the 3 7”,10| Presbyter, or Deacon who takes interest, or what is called 4 7”,10| money which he has lent, or takes twelve or six per cent, 5 7”,12| Chrysostom, since a bishop also takes the name of elder, as we 6 7”,53| LXXVIII, that of one who takes two sisters; and others 7 7”,53| this time forth whoever takes to wife his (female) cousin, 8 7”,86| abandons his lawful wife, and takes another, according to the 9 7”,86| who leaves her husband and takes another is an adulteress, 10 7”,86| in effect that if a wife takes another man, she can no 11 7”,86| leaves his lawful wife and takes another is subject to the 12 7”,87| place to take refuge, he takes his beast into the temple 13 7”,92| that her husband has died, takes another man she is an adulteress[ 14 7”,92| for word c. XLVI of Basil) takes to husband that man who 15 7”,97| 98.~ Whoever takes by way of matrimonial union 16 7”,97| is to say, like a man who takes to wife a woman married 17 8”,2 | upon his memory, because he takes time and leisure to think 18 8”,2 | comprehended a sentence well he takes care not to write another: 19 8”,6 | chattels which a Bishop takes along with him. But if he 20 8”,8 | deeming anyone unclean that takes hold of a corpse or leper, 21 8”,18| different place until the Bishop takes his departure, to avoid 22 8”,20| For it is in this that God takes pleasure. As for those which 23 8”,20| incontestable. But whether one takes it this way or that, the 24 8”,23| self-control (or self-assertion) takes precedence of or leads the 25 8”,23| the liturgy, the deacon takes the mysteries from them 26 8”,23| It denotes that the monk takes up (cf. the Greek word “ 27 8”,23| and one party afterwards takes to Orthodoxy, their children 28 8”,23| deserts her husband and takes another. If, however, the 29 8”,23| herself, and the man who takes her shall likewise be punished 30 8”,23| as to class the man who takes an oath with the Evil One ( 31 8”,23| will not judge a person who takes an oath because some fellow 32 8”,23| prescribes that anyone that takes to wife a woman engaged 33 8”,23| enthroning the temple, the bishop takes three portions of relics 34 8”,23| temple, the prelate alone takes them from there, in order

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