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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | namely, giving the force of state law to the decisions of 2 7”,1 | may not be amiss here to state that it would be more usually 3 7”,1 | same time they go on to state this, that they neither 4 7”,12| advancement of Christians to a state of greater perfection, and 5 7”,29| morality, and the unsettled state of their mind.~(Ap. c. V; 6 7”,36| installed therein in sacerdotal state, and thus to act and employ 7 7”,39| impelling him to the choice and state of what is good.~(c. XIX 8 7”,39| representative of their state of mind, when the judgment 9 7”,42| life represents to us a state of repentance as though 10 7”,52| desist from such unlawful state of matrimony, and afterwards 11 7”,63| touching one who learns in a state of obedience, and one who 12 7”,65| required to spend the time in a state of leisure without fail 13 7”,71| happen to be still in the state of unbelief (i.e., infidels) 14 7”,83| reliable witnesses who can state beyond a doubt that they 15 8”,13| institutions being left in a state of desolation certain secular 16 8”,23| of in this Canon is the state of being puffed up, and 17 8”,23| the Patriarch, as we shall state in connection with the interpretation 18 8”,23| the matter clearer we must state that the Synod of a Diocese 19 8”,23| it is dangerous, as you state, for one to leave his church, 20 8”,23| and imperial laws do not state that only the judgment and 21 8”,23| come to be consociated in a state of uniikeness of religion), 22 8”,23| prevent his falling into a state of despondency, and to command 23 8”,23| a conspiracy against the state is guilty of the crime of 24 8”,23| annihilated, or reduced to a state of inexistence. Accordingly 25 8”,23| sublime ascent of the divine state of holy orders; but those 26 8”,23| Greeks who were living in a state of constant fornication 27 8”,23| we shall have occasion to state in connection with c. XXII 28 8”,23| other may, even while in the state of matrimony, succeed in 29 8”,23| to Ap. c. XXII. I omit to state that not merely is it a 30 8”,23| Dialogus, and brought to the state in which it is now seen. 31 8”,23| Council held in Carthage state. Or because they were found 32 8”,23| miracles (just as they lyingly state that Leo III sent such a 33 8”,23| account of the reverent state of mind of the persons paying 34 8”,23| made. Or, at any rate, they state that a Bishop must not make

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