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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| or deprivation of their property, as happened to those who 2 2”,6 | of some real or personal property, in such cases the person 3 4”,3 | the management of their property on account of avarice. For 4 4”,24| Monasteries perpetually, and the property owned by them is to be kept 5 4”,24| like. All real and personal property belonging to them must likewise 6 4”,24| nor removing any of their property, give permission to others 7 4”,26| unwitnessed, so as to prevent the property of the same church from 8 7”,9 | buy some other more decent property that is more in keeping 9 7”,48| unto perpetuity, and the property that belongs to them shall 10 8”,12| disposing of productive property of the bishopric or monastery 11 8”,12| alleged as an excuse that the property is actually a liability 12 8”,12| invalid and void, and let the property be restored to the Bishopric, 13 8”,12| By the phraseproductive property” is meant all those things 14 8”,12| bishop who has sold the property in such a manner is to be 15 8”,12| dissipated and lost the property which had been rightfully 16 8”,19| a Presbyter. As regards property of any kind given by parents 17 8”,23| exiled, and confiscated the property of the clergy. In fact, 18 8”,23| have, except for the total property, according to the said Cyril, 19 8”,23| the God Logos. For this property of substances is, so to 20 8”,23| that it is called the total property, too.~ ~ [73] Note that 21 8”,23| punishment, and all their property is confiscated by the (civil) 22 8”,23| gaining ownership of them as property — according to Ordinance 23 8”,23| monastery itself or the property of the monastery which he 24 8”,23| temple (or church) whose property the thing in question was. 25 8”,23| deceived into buying as private property, he has a right to bring 26 8”,23| but, instead, all their property is to be given to the Church 27 8”,23| are to be exiled and their property is to be confiscated and 28 8”,23| shall be exiled and his property shall be confiscated in 29 8”,23| are to be exiled and their property is to be made authentic ( 30 8”,23| to be exiled, and their property, if they have any, is to 31 8”,23| confiscation of whatever property they own. Photius, in Title 32 8”,23| transfer of real or personal property to another owner or landlord 33 8”,23| amounts to saying, when the property is completely alienated 34 8”,23| not to take the personal property which they brought there,

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