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iberia 2
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icon 34
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34 ephesus
34 faithful
34 going
34 icon
34 lest
34 named
34 previously

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 8 | For any honor paid to the icon (or picture) redounds upon 2 8 | in adoration before the icon, is at the same time bowing 3 8”,23| Theopaschites refused to accept the icon (or picture) of Christ, 4 8”,23| is another thing, and an icon (or picture) is a different 5 8”,23| an idol differs from an icon in that the icon is a likeness 6 8”,23| from an icon in that the icon is a likeness of a true 7 8”,23| Whosoever pays adoration to the icon, is thereby paying adoration 8 8”,23| thou insult the picture, or icon, of the King, that thou 9 8”,23| different way, and to the icon in a different way (according 10 8”,23| relatively.~ ~ [264] The word icon is derived from the Greek 11 8”,23| original. But in Greek the word icon means simply a picture of 12 8”,23| respecting honor due to an icon in the case of a “natural 13 8”,23| Father). Another kind of “icon,” or picture, is that which 14 8”,23| whereas his picture (or icon) is inanimate and lifeless 15 8”,23| Conciliar Records) that: “An icon (or picture) is not like 16 8”,23| hypostasis of the picture (or icon) and that of the original ( 17 8”,23| seen in the picture (or icon), while, on the other hand, 18 8”,23| other hand, the picture (or icon) subsists in the original, 19 8”,23| portrayed in the picture (or icon). And as is further proved 20 8”,23| by the fact that in every icon (or picture) there is inscribed, 21 8”,23| ibidem, asserts that an icon or picture resemble the 22 8”,23| third kind of picture (or icon), which is called a figurative 23 8”,23| we do not adore the holy icon of Christ worshipingly, 24 8”,23| is to say, the image, or icon, with the one imaged or 25 8”,23| we adore His picture, or icon, relatively on account of 26 8”,23| other hand, as regards Her icon, or picture, we accord it 27 8”,23| as we lay eyes on a holy icon, without pausing to examine 28 8”,23| honorary adoration to a holy icon that has not had special 29 8”,23| through the name of the icon. But if the iconomachs cannot 30 8”,23| or silver that is in the icon, and thereinto to insert 31 8”,23| of decrees, a picture or icon resembles the original, 32 8”,23| crucifix is inferior to an icon of Christ. For St. Nicephorus 33 8”,23| while on the one hand by the icon of Christ we are paying 34 8”,23| ought not to paint in the icon of Pentecost a human being

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