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gods 11
godship 1
goes 23
going 34
gold 18
golden 1
golden-seal 1
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34 denotes
34 ephesus
34 faithful
34 going
34 icon
34 lest
34 named

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | of debates which had been going on previous to his arrival. 2 1”,12| thought the pretense of going to church a sufficient proof 3 2”,6 | reference to passing or going beyond the boundaries of 4 4”,4 | and civil government, by going round in the cities negligently 5 4”,4 | therein and by carelessly going about the cities, and make 6 4”,5 | as well as clergymen from going from one city or province 7 4”,6 | those in holy orders from going or being transferred from 8 5 | in hell; that demons are going to recover the original 9 5 | to have; that souls are going to be resurrected naked 10 7”,34| over to the bishop who is going to be ordained. See also 11 7”,36| theoretical possibility of their going to their thrones and doing 12 7”,58| time; but let those who are going to be deemed worthy of the 13 7”,59| motions by pretense while going about the cities and causing 14 8”,3 | it behooves anyone who is going to be promoted to a bishopric 15 8”,10| the action of clergymen in going from city to city, and especially 16 8”,23| to believe that they are going to receive a mitigation 17 8”,23| Eusebius of Dorylaeum, after going away to Rome, and in the 18 8”,23| Easterners, it is true, when going to the Council, wrote from 19 8”,23| matter known to all, and going in person to the spot where 20 8”,23| equip those needing them in going from one nation to another.”~ ~ [ 21 8”,23| Bishop of Ephesus, and by going to Ephesus and returning 22 8”,23| great Bema (i.e., Julian), going to know these things (sc. 23 8”,23| persons themselves who are going to become monks, in order 24 8”,23| into his constituents is going to be numbered with the 25 8”,23| take pitch candles and, going into mountains and valleys, 26 8”,23| lie and adulteration, and going in person to various places 27 8”,23| wherein one foretells what is going to occur by observing the 28 8”,23| give them to others who are going to use them in similar services. 29 8”,23| Apostolic times. When they were going to commune, especially on 30 8”,23| for catechumens who were going to be baptized on the evening 31 8”,23| he wont do this, he is going to die within thirty days.” 32 8”,23| what you are doing in not going to the church you are incurring 33 8”,23| they may be. For if you are going to assert that Christ Himself 34 8”,23| lot of money. But, while going from one heresy to another,

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