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fairly 1
faith 149
faith-deniers 2
faithful 34
faithfully 2
faitli 1
fall 11
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34 assembled
34 denotes
34 ephesus
34 faithful
34 going
34 icon
34 lest

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| stand together with the faithful and pray, and not leave 2 1”,11| to pray together with the faithful in the church, or to partake 3 1”,12| rightfully pray with the faithful, and need not leave the 4 1”,13| him stand only with the faithful, and let him pray with them, 5 1”,16| not with the laymen and faithful in the church (for in this 6 1”,19| prayer and communion with the faithful. The second ordinance of 7 7”,1 | contrary, openly taught the faithful outright to adore the Father 8 7”,14| to act as teachers of the faithful.[144] Likewise neither can 9 7”,39| and the tendency of the faithful to keep the divine commandments 10 7”,46| quarters of a Convent. For the faithful believers must be remote 11 7”,61| extirpate from the life of the faithful the so-called (festival 12 7”,65| 66.~ The faithful are required to spend the 13 7”,75| fearful words said to the faithful, the Fathers prohibited 14 7”,78| kind shall be done by the faithful. For this is no honor to 15 7”,79| along with the rest of the faithful on three consecutive Sundays, 16 7”,79| the congregation of the faithful in the church, conjoining 17 7”,79| he must join the other faithful in the neighboring church; 18 7”,79| the congregation of the faithful therein. Likewise also c. 19 7”,82| consequently to all the faithful, He said, “Take, eat.” But 20 7”,86| stand together with the faithful, and thus be deemed worthy 21 7”,86| may stand along with the faithful in the church and not be 22 7”,88| 89.~ The faithful celebrating the days of 23 7”,89| are making it plain to the faithful, so that after the entrance 24 7”,89| it to the notice of the faithful that they are to refrain 25 8”,23| his correspondence that “a faithful old man named Serapion, 26 8”,23| from the Mysteries and the faithful a second time.” But perhaps 27 8”,23| not calumniators, sober, faithful in all things” (1 Tim. 3: 28 8”,23| are wont to say “All ye faithful,” and at the great entrance 29 8”,23| having the clergymen and faithful ones present stand in a 30 8”,23| aggregation (or body) of faithful believers and clergymen, 31 8”,23| have it (in his sermon to a faithful father) that young people 32 8”,23| once went out, the most faithful emperor thus showing by 33 8”,23| the Apostles to teach the faithful to keep not some of the 34 8”,23| from praying along with the faithful. See the 18th ch. of Title

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