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weaknesses 1
wealth 3
weapons 1
wear 33
wearer 1
wearers 1
wearing 24
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33 prescribed
33 privileges
33 purpose
33 wear
32 11
32 assert
32 blood

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,26| on the contrary, let him wear costumes that have already 2 7”,26| that no clergymen shall wear clothes that are not becoming 3 7”,26| on the contrary, he must wear the garments that are habitual 4 7”,26| those in holy orders who wear splendid garments and fail 5 7”,26| that love adornment, to wear luxurious garments (1 Peter 6 7”,26| among the Galileans used to wear, and that indeed with them 7 7”,60| of the Church those who wear amulets, and prohibits clergymen 8 7”,61| addition that neither must men wear women’s clothing, nor women 9 7”,61| clothing: “a woman shall not wear the apparel of a man, neither 10 7”,61| not even allow a woman to wear masculine attire for the 11 7”,74| says that psalts are not to wear an orarion when they are 12 8”,16| language that those who wear soft raiment are in the 13 8”,16| bishops and clerics who wear splendid clothes, as well 14 8”,16| they were not accustomed to wear garments embroidered with 15 8”,23| Patriarchs were privileged to wear sacks, chasubles adorned 16 8”,23| an emperor; the right to wear upon his head a brilliant 17 8”,23| or garland; the right to wear an imperial pallium (or 18 8”,23| laymen shall be compelled to wear it against their will.~ ~ [ 19 8”,23| servant is forbidden to wear by c. XXII of Laodicea ( 20 8”,23| For only deacons could wear it, on the ground that it 21 8”,23| our own clerics ought to wear this halo at the point of 22 8”,23| was what required him to wear it, as we shall have occasion 23 8”,23| they are: a) the right to wear the guise of the cleric, 24 8”,23| the presbyters, which they wear; e) the right to retain 25 8”,23| God been deemed worthy to wear (except for three) — without 26 8”,23| theirs are accustomed to wear black clothes. But since 27 8”,23| being tonsured by him to wear, lest when he is giving 28 8”,23| if anyone should care to wear that square piece of cloth 29 8”,23| I must say that the men wear masks and various false 30 8”,23| and sometimes women even wear men’s clothing, and all 31 8”,23| that “a woman shall not wear the apparel of a man, neither 32 8”,23| everyone he baptized to wear upon his person. St. Meletius 33 8”,23| it says: “Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts,

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