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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | during the Paschal season prayers should be said standing. ~ ~ ~ 2 1”,11| commune without oblation in prayers with the laity.~(c. VI of 3 1”,12| they shall participate in prayers unrestrictedly, with the 4 1”,20| to the holy Council for prayers to be offered to God while 5 1”,20| Christians to offer their prayers to God on these days, not 6 7”,52| solemnized by sacred rites and prayers, according to the twenty-fourth 7 7”,69| the purpose of offering prayers to propitiate God for our 8 7”,79| common offering of hymns and prayers to God.~ ~Concord.~The present 9 7”,89| thus begin offering our prayers to the Lord. For inasmuch 10 8”,23| to the usual propitiatory prayers for seven days, on the eighth 11 8”,23| days he listens to the same prayers, and thus he too is bathed, 12 8”,23| listens to the propitiatory prayers, and is bathed, and receives 13 8”,23| Euchologium, where these prayers are to be found, more in 14 8”,23| times, and repeating some prayers over her. Concerning deaconesses 15 8”,23| he must don it without prayers, according to c. XIV of 16 8”,23| afforded a reception to prayers and Mysteries in the time 17 8”,23| he must begin saying the prayers that follow the Great Entrance, 18 8”,23| from the beginning all the prayers from the time of the Great 19 8”,23| their name; and two special prayers have been read to them by 20 8”,23| something in the way of prayers before actually partaking 21 8”,23| partaking thereof, which prayers, briefly speaking, were 22 8”,23| embodied in the presanctified prayers of this very liturgy.” Note 23 8”,23| first chanting psalms or prayers, or the Trisagion, and burning 24 8”,23| lastly leaving off prayers they turn to psalmody, and, 25 8”,23| the bishop with special prayers: 1) because we do not adore 26 8”,23| are anointed or have had prayers said over them, but irrespectively, 27 8”,23| have not had any special prayers said over them, so and in 28 8”,23| that has not had special prayers said over it we partake 29 8”,23| not having had any special prayers said over them for the purpose 30 8”,23| have not had any special prayers said over them to sanctify 31 8”,23| qualifying pictures with certain prayers and devotions. For they 32 8”,23| that he reads marvelous prayers over them, and that because 33 8”,23| temple, and the ceremony of prayers said on the occasion of

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