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nationality 1
nations 2
nativity 4
natural 33
naturally 6
nature 88
natures 40
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33 dignity
33 forbidden
33 former
33 natural
33 prayers
33 prescribed
33 privileges

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 6 | incarnation possessed two natural wills and two natural energies[ 2 6 | two natural wills and two natural energies[121] just as He 3 6 | and is indentical with its natural peculiarities, and without 4 7”,1 | that there were and are two natural wills, or, that is to say, 5 7”,1 | to say, wishes, and two natural energies inherent in the 6 7”,2 | tarnished the becoming and natural beauty of the divine dogmas 7 7”,39| that is to say, to his natural knowledge) if he deems it 8 7”,44| for an instant, as is but natural, well up and leap out, it 9 7”,69| yelling and strain their natural voices to scream, nor recite 10 7”,78| gave birth to children in a natural manner). On this account 11 8”,23| relation they bear to what is natural, they are forced to violate 12 8”,23| the meritoriousness of his natural free choice, had the Logos 13 8”,23| with respect to nature or a natural union, they are not employing 14 8”,23| employing the adjective natural with any implication that 15 8”,23| Instead, with the adjective natural and with the phrase according 16 8”,23| coalescence resulting from a natural union, let him be anathema.” 17 8”,23| to the effect that the natural union he had spoken of denotes 18 8”,23| however, interpret this natural union as being intended 19 8”,23| wills and energies of Christ natural, and not hypostatical (or 20 8”,23| incarnate, by virtue of a natural and divine will and energy, 21 8”,23| that they recognize two natural wills and energies inherent 22 8”,23| to be accounted cither as natural or as spurious children, 23 8”,23| judged in accordance with his natural knowledge and prudence. 24 8”,23| and evil as a result of natural processes of the mind, which 25 8”,23| body, and of the fecund, natural, and transitive; and that 26 8”,23| and who investigate their natural propositions, but, instead, 27 8”,23| says that these things are natural, not to those engaged in 28 8”,23| his beard, and change the natural visage of the man into one 29 8”,23| use it in the sense of “natural image,” as is in fact every 30 8”,23| image,” as is in fact every natural son in relation to his natural 31 8”,23| natural son in relation to his natural father (that is why divine 32 8”,23| an icon in the case of a “natural imagetook that of the 33 8”,23| are discussing here. But a natural picture differs with respect

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