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for 1649
forbade 2
forbid 21
forbidden 33
forbidding 2
forbids 19
force 31
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33 correct
33 course
33 dignity
33 forbidden
33 former
33 natural
33 prayers

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | members of the clergy are forbidden to dwell with any woman, 2 1 | Canon 16: All clerics are forbidden to leave their church. Formal 3 1 | Canon 17: Clerics are forbidden to lend at interest. ~Canon 4 1”,3 | The great Council has forbidden generally any Bishop or 5 1”,3 | is to say — has entirely forbidden any bishop or presbyter 6 4”,18| ought still more to be forbidden to obtain in the Church 7 4”,18| thing ought still more to be forbidden to occur in the Church of 8 7”,33| or of faction is utterly forbidden even by civil laws, it is 9 7”,45| their convents is utterly forbidden them in any case whatsoever. 10 7”,53| merely enumerated some of the forbidden marriages in his Canons 11 7”,53| enumerated some marriages forbidden in his Canons (as, for instance, 12 7”,53| generally that marriage within forbidden degrees of relationship 13 7”,69| persons that only teaching is forbidden to women but not chanting; 14 7”,69| everything; that is why women are forbidden to talk in churches. The 15 7”,93| the custom of the Greeks forbidden to Christians, but every 16 7”,93| that swearing an oath is forbidden once for all, and so much 17 7”,95| however, that just as one is forbidden to refrain from cutting 18 7”,95| the other hand, it is also forbidden to cut it and to shave it 19 8”,10| mundane cares, as they are forbidden to do so by the divine Canons. 20 8”,14| uncanonical. Not only are laymen forbidden to act as Readers without 21 8”,23| accord that they were later forbidden by the Fathers to enter 22 8”,23| For this had always been forbidden even before the Third Ecumenical 23 8”,23| the receivers have been forbidden to do. Zonaras and Blastaris ( 24 8”,23| this Council marriage was forbidden to prelates, but by a local, 25 8”,23| which orarion a servant is forbidden to wear by c. XXII of Laodicea ( 26 8”,23| worldly resorts, which is forbidden by the Canon, but in order 27 8”,23| oratory nor is it completely forbidden. But, he says, the priests 28 8”,23| prescribes that anyone making forbidden sacrifices, or, in other 29 8”,23| canonized by spirituals and be forbidden to do so. For they are so 30 8”,23| And if these things are forbidden to be done by the laity 31 8”,23| how much more they are forbidden to clerics and those in 32 8”,23| But if these things are forbidden to Prelates and Priests 33 8”,23| how much more they are forbidden to monks and caloyers, all

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