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Alphabetical    [«  »]
prevails 4
prevalence 3
prevalent 1
prevent 32
prevented 10
preventing 2
prevention 1
Frequency    [«  »]
32 learned
32 liable
32 original
32 prevent
32 relics
32 sense
32 theodore

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,10| so as, that is to say, to prevent its operating to exclude 2 4”,6 | Interpretation.~Wishing to prevent easily those in holy orders 3 4”,26| being unwitnessed, so as to prevent the property of the same 4 4”,26| stewardless administration and to prevent any obloquy from attaching 5 4”,26| church is spent, and to prevent the prelate from arousing 6 7”,12| greater perfection, and to prevent their causing any accusation 7 7”,13| the Apostolic Canons, to prevent subdeacons, deacons, and 8 7”,36| shall result therefrom to prevent them from bestowing ordinations 9 7”,39| quickly and hence seeking to prevent him from lingering too long, 10 7”,42| no manner of means shall prevent him from accomplishing his 11 7”,42| allegiance to authority) shall prevent such persons from carrying 12 7”,72| and spoiled in order to prevent its being trodden underfoot 13 7”,95| more pleats, in order to prevent them from thereby attracting 14 8”,4 | shutting a venerable temple, to prevent liturgies of God from being 15 8”,6 | ruler be found attempting to prevent this, let him be excommunicated. 16 8”,6 | civil) rulers that tries to prevent the holding of such a Council 17 8”,23| interest or in order to prevent other men from blaming him 18 8”,23| same time, and no one can prevent it. Such a person, in fact, 19 8”,23| only done, too, in order to prevent his falling into a state 20 8”,23| his imperial ring so as to prevent anybody from adding anything 21 8”,23| and especially in order to prevent them from handing over the 22 8”,23| furnished an occasion to prevent the priest from exercising 23 8”,23| Nevertheless, in order to prevent the occurrence of such moldiness, 24 8”,23| coition, at least in order to prevent her from having access to 25 8”,23| object of the Fathers to prevent these institutions from 26 8”,23| drive clouds away so as to prevent them from raining or hailing 27 8”,23| of some kind) in order to prevent them from eating their cattle 28 8”,23| put forth every effort to prevent them, on the ground that 29 8”,23| of our own Christians, to prevent them from deviating into 30 8”,23| love of God, holy Prelates, prevent this dire evil from befalling 31 8”,23| very severe penalties to prevent Christians from participating 32 8”,23| from there, in order to prevent the occurrence of any mistake

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