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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | that this volume is not an original work, properly speaking, 2 Intro | with near certainty the original form of the canon and to 3 1”,11| Note of Translator. — The original saystwo,” apparently by 4 1”,15| shall be restored to his original position in that church 5 5 | are going to recover the original dignity of angelic grace 6 7 | very same identical and original paper, which had been signed 7 7”,1 | we refer readers to the original sources of the Canons of 8 7”,16| as provided by the Hebrew original, but according to the Greek 9 8 | picture) redounds upon the original,[263] and whoever bows down 10 8”,23| had penanced (or, as the original says, “canonized”) a soldier 11 8”,23| the exact meaning of the original.) Read also the Interpretation 12 8”,23| of a true thing and its original, whereas the idol is an 13 8”,23| is not the likeness of an original, according to Origen and 14 8”,23| out of a yearning for the original of it, as Philostorgus the 15 8”,23| transferring the insult to the original of the merit?” (page 859, 16 8”,23| this honor is paid to the original in a different way, and 17 8”,23| the eye that recalls the original. But in Greek the word icon 18 8”,23| essence differs from the original, because the original is 19 8”,23| the original, because the original is an animate and living 20 8”,23| picture) is not like the original with respect to and in respect 21 8”,23| hypostasis, it is one with the original (i.e., it is of the same 22 8”,23| the same hypostasis as the original). For the hypostasis of 23 8”,23| or icon) and that of the original (or person whom it represents) 24 8”,23| proved by the fact that the original can be seen in the picture ( 25 8”,23| or icon) subsists in the original, precisely as does a shadow 26 8”,23| or picture resemble the original only in point of name and 27 8”,23| Because the former, being the original and causeless, pre-existed 28 8”,23| likeness it bears to the original. That is why in Act 6 of 29 8”,23| back to the honor of the original through the name of the 30 8”,23| i.e., wood taken from the original cross on which Christ was 31 8”,23| picture or icon resembles the original, though it is admittedly 32 8”,23| adoration to Christ, but to that original Cross on which Christ was

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