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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | however, have only a limited use in trying to determine the 2 Intro | interpreting the canons is the use of analogy. There is no 3 1”,17| receiving interest for the use of money, or otherwise exploiting 4 2”,7 | quasi “Fourteenthists,” to use the English language in 5 4”,4 | honor. But inasmuch as some use the monk’s garb to disturb 6 4”,16| right to have it for the use and convenience of his relatives, 7 7”,10| six per cent, say, for the use of money, let him either 8 7”,26| already been assigned to the use of those who are enrolled 9 7”,31| an old one, wherein they use water alone instead of wine 10 7”,67| he keeps them for his own use and benefit, nor should 11 7”,70| themselves in robes not in common use, either at the time they 12 7”,93| ought to be made, and the use of foods should be a matter 13 8”,23| and c. VIII of the 3rd, use the heading: “Concerning 14 8”,23| fact that it had been in use among the ancient Fathers 15 8”,23| the latter sanctioned the use of this word, and imparted 16 8”,23| long is evident from the use of the verbremaincontained 17 8”,23| practice of continuing the use of such a title which had 18 8”,23| and Fathers which were in use in the Church, but at the 19 8”,23| the ground that it was of use to them (see also the Footnote 20 8”,23| ground that it was of no use to them. So from these various 21 8”,23| That is why they never use antimensia in Moscow without 22 8”,23| pallium, and instead thereof use the so-called “paramandy,” 23 8”,23| dyed cords to people to use as amulets to ward off diseases 24 8”,23| any of those who rightly use the four main branches of 25 8”,23| even then one ought not to use such sacred and holy books 26 8”,23| others who are going to use them in similar services. 27 8”,23| letters, by avoiding the use of these letters and documents 28 8”,23| or more crooked; or who use tweezers to pluck out the 29 8”,23| also by those women who use rouge and paint on their 30 8”,23| Accordingly, in Greek, one may use it in the sense of “natural 31 8”,23| of ignorance and of bad use and wont. Accordingly, let

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