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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| the faith and ate of the table of the demons, and swore 2 7”,7 | all those sitting at the table. For anyone that tries to 3 7”,16| attending to the needs of the table, the text of the Book of 4 7”,16| appointed them to serve at table, while the Apostles busied 5 7”,27| offer grapes at the Holy Table, which the priests would 6 7”,31| wine alone at the sacred table, without mixing water with 7 7”,31| grave, that he set a mere table without mysteries and used 8 7”,56| the holy Bema on the holy Table, in agreement with Ap. c. 9 7”,73| of a house, or to lay a table with accubita (or couches). 10 7”,73| upon, and thus to sit at table; for Christians were wont 11 8”,23| replace it upon the holy table, without communing anyone. 12 8”,23| instead of a consecrated holy table (this is understandable 13 8”,23| Latin word mensa signifies table, and so mensalia too is 14 8”,23| function of a Consecrated Table truly, as is required by 15 8”,23| Deacon instead of a holy table and performed the divine 16 8”,23| Chrysostom, than a stone table and the inanimate vessels 17 8”,23| make the union on the holy table, and read the prayer of 18 8”,23| the gifts at the sacred table, he at once went out, the 19 8”,23| deacons, and not at the Holy Table, but at a credence table 20 8”,23| Table, but at a credence table placed beside it and having 21 8”,23| the case. And if the Holy Table rests upon legs, he conceals 22 8”,23| on the other hand, the Table is supported by a single 23 8”,23| is then placed the Holy Table. Four things are worthy 24 8”,23| treasured up underneath the Holy Table, and not in any other place 25 8”,23| treasured up underneath the Holy Table. Hence all prelates who 26 8”,23| rite carried out in the Table of the consecrated temple, 27 8”,23| of the consecrated Holy Table. For it is on this account, 28 8”,23| the place of a consecrated Table truly and exactly, the sanctification 29 8”,23| are spread over a sacred Table, and the formality of their 30 8”,23| representing the flesh, as in the Table, in the place of the sheet; 31 8”,23| in the divine consecrated Table and in the same manner exactly.

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