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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| that they shall have to stand in the narthex (of the church) 2 1”,11| enter the nave, and shall stand, when there, in the rear 3 1”,11| other words, they shall stand together with the faithful 4 1”,11| or, in other words, to stand outside of even the narthex 5 1”,11| So there penitents stand downcast and mournful, and 6 1”,11| himself up from the ground and stand up, and he lifts up the 7 1”,13| regains his health, let him stand only with the faithful, 8 1”,14| great Council for them to stand for three years in the ranks 9 3”,7 | been subjoined, let them stand liable to the judgment of 10 3”,7 | bishops and clergymen, are to stand deposed, and expelled from 11 4”,2 | of having undertaken this stand in peril of his office; 12 7”,20| of a layman, and have to stand with the laymen, on account 13 7”,40| after all these steps they stand solidly on the same conclusion 14 7”,50| or where someone would stand up and display examples 15 7”,86| during the seventh year shall stand together with the faithful, 16 7”,86| because thereof is that he may stand along with the faithful 17 8”,5 | of having undertaken this stand in peril of his office; 18 8”,13| on the ground that they stand condemned by the Father, 19 8”,19| they have been appointed to stand at the head of the laymen, 20 8”,23| for each one of them to stand according to her luck and 21 8”,23| said, “Some of them that stand here shall not taste of 22 8”,23| Patriarch, and let his judgment stand as though he had tried the 23 8”,23| so as to make the sense stand out more boldly.” And in 24 8”,23| Injunctions says for subdeacons to stand at the doors of the women. 25 8”,23| of Basil; c) the right to stand in company with the priests, 26 8”,23| the right to sit and to stand with their fellow functionaries, 27 8”,23| and faithful ones present stand in a circle to serve as 28 8”,23| assembled in common churches may stand as witnesses to the baptism 29 8”,23| since this Council did not stand upon ten years as the limit, 30 8”,23| great, I myself will not stand abashed at their greatness. 31 8”,23| incorrectvaunteth not itself” stand as in the A.V., in proof

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