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keep 59
keeping 36
keeps 7
kept 31
kerygma 1
kicked 1
kidneys 1
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31 force
31 form
31 henceforth
31 kept
31 latins
31 nicephorus
31 perfect

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,6 | three Patriarchs are to be kept in vogue, chiefly and mainly 2 1”,13| and canonical Law shall be kept even now, so that, if anyone 3 1”,20| throughout Pentecostmay be kept in all Orthodox churches 4 2”,2 | the Nicene Canons being kept inviolate, and let the Bishops 5 2”,2 | administrative provinces) is duly kept, it is evident that the 6 3”,8 | righteous and just privileges be kept clear and inviolable which 7 3”,8 | cares, he ought to have kept on with spiritual staunchness 8 4”,24| property owned by them is to be kept safe, and no more be permitted 9 4”,24| to them must likewise be kept inalienable and undiminished. 10 4”,25| of that bishopric must be kept by the steward safe and 11 7”,13| learned that in Rome it is kept as inviolable canon that 12 7”,48| belongs to them shall be kept safe in the Monastery, and 13 7”,54| the Holy Apostles must be kept rigorously in Rome too, 14 7”,93| disreputable religion, is to be kept, according to ch. 19 of 15 8”,6 | commandments of God are to be kept. For “in keeping them there 16 8”,6 | commandments of the Gospel are kept by their laities, because 17 8”,23| persecuted. These three emperors kept persecuting the Church for 18 8”,23| Council for the present kept silent and did not care 19 8”,23| for three days they had kept from having any carnal intercourse 20 8”,23| him, Of a truth we have kept away from women (it was) 21 8”,23| and order which had been kept and is still being kept 22 8”,23| kept and is still being kept even now by true Christians 23 8”,23| presanctified bread was kept, see Eustratius Argenetes, 24 8”,23| Presanctified wine, too, used to be kept in the churches, as is attested 25 8”,23| all three of His births kept three entire Lents (called 26 8”,23| for the commandments to be kept by all men. As respects 27 8”,23| concerning oaths, must be kept by all human beings. For 28 8”,23| that all of them must be kept. We know that in the Old 29 8”,23| unadored, since they are only kept in mind and conceived as 30 8”,23| the relics of martyrs are kept in the archbishopric; and 31 8”,23| however, of the fact that he kept back part of the price for

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