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forbidden 33
forbidding 2
forbids 19
force 31
forced 15
forcible 2
forcibly 11
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31 facts
31 fasting
31 flesh
31 force
31 form
31 henceforth
31 kept

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Theodosius I — namely, giving the force of state law to the decisions 2 Intro | legitimate law still in force.47~ The point of all interpretations 3 Intro | or fully lose its legal force; partially when it is only 4 Intro | for deaconesses lost its force after the Church ceased 5 1”,5 | opinion prevail and remain in force and effect which has already 6 4”,1 | present time, continue in full force and effect.~(c. II of the 7 4”,1 | should continue in full force and effect, that is to say, 8 4”,27| those who take women by force[110] under pretense of marriage, 9 4”,27| clergymen who seize them by force, but also those who helped 10 7”,3 | vote for the continuance in force of, Canons XVII and XVIII 11 7”,13| continued from ancient times in force, well knowing that there 12 7”,24| years without resorting to force. But if within thirty years 13 7”,64| sacrifices to the host and force of heaven, to the stars, 14 7”,74| disorderly cries and to force nature to cry out aloud, 15 7”,97| engagement, I say, has the same force and effect as a complete 16 7”,97| Law a betrothal had the force of a marriage.[250]~ ~ ~ 17 8”,23| down to this day being in force. As for the third sense 18 8”,23| the third sense it was in force of old in accordance with 19 8”,23| Pamphylia for failing to force Eustathius to accept the 20 8”,23| those who take women by force, because it is a thing that 21 8”,23| those who seize women by force, because it is not merely 22 8”,23| taken from their parents by force shall remain valid by virtue 23 8”,23| resulting from the exercise of force, even though the fathers 24 8”,23| those who seize women by force or who abet others that 25 8”,23| pretends to have been seized by force (who wants to follow the 26 8”,23| pretended to be seized by force but in reality wanted to 27 8”,23| and void and no longer in force. For when at any time or 28 8”,23| committed as a result of force or as a result of ignorance), 29 8”,23| themselves, and those who force them or compel them to perjure 30 8”,23| Gregory VII even resorted to force in order to make bishops 31 8”,23| exercise of overpowering force and authority any person

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