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fled 1
flee 3
flentes 1
flesh 31
fleshless 1
flight 1
flimsy 1
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31 emperors
31 facts
31 fasting
31 flesh
31 force
31 form
31 henceforth

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | virginity) that the pleasure of flesh has overcome even brothers 2 3 | mother with respect to the flesh, a Theotoke (a Greek word 3 3 | speaking gave birth in the flesh to God.[73] For when the 4 3 | Logos was transformed into flesh, but neither that it was 5 3 | substance and substantiality flesh animated by a rational soul, 6 3 | begotten with respect to flesh.” (See this letter also 7 5 | and by the desires of the flesh). It also anathematized 8 7”,53| upon any relative of thy flesh to expose his private parts” ( 9 7”,66| from blood, and strangled flesh, and fornication” (Gen. 10 7”,75| conduct while living in the flesh, bade us not to make His 11 7”,78| birth to the Logos in the flesh who is incapable of being 12 7”,78| reason gave birth in the flesh to the God Logos, who cannot 13 7”,81| memory of His life in the flesh and of His passion and of 14 7”,81| to memory His life in the flesh and His passion and His 15 7”,95| manner of life He led in the flesh. As touching, therefore, 16 8”,20| another in respect of the flesh, but relatives of one another. 17 8”,23| child-rearing wither their flesh; on the contrary such women 18 8”,23| worship not God-bearing flesh, but man-bearing God (see 19 8”,23| that Christ possessed the flesh from ever since the time 20 8”,23| that He had received no flesh from the Virgin, as Basil 21 8”,23| wit, that the Logos became flesh and dwelt among us.” Hence 22 8”,23| and molded into shape as flesh, it was also at the same 23 8”,23| was also at the same time flesh of the God Logos, according 24 8”,23| time used to say that the flesh of the Lord was not of the 25 8”,23| different belief of the flesh and a different belief of 26 8”,23| long as a monk is in the flesh he ought to emulate and 27 8”,23| gave birth to God in the flesh) to be even so much as mentioned 28 8”,23| Tertillian (book concerning the flesh of Christ). When this man 29 8”,23| while he was alive in the flesh. And our Forefathers and 30 8”,23| pour out my Spirit upon all flesh” (Joel 2:28), as seen in 31 8”,23| way of representing the flesh, as in the Table, in the

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