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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,8 | after him Novatians. These facts being assumed to be known, 2 1”,10| spite of knowledge of the facts, does not offer any bar 3 1”,14| VI of Timothy.[29] These facts being as stated, the present 4 3”,8 | viva voce reported these facts, the Council decrees by 5 4”,9 | Metropolitan shall examine into the facts of his case; if, on the 6 4”,9 | subject shall examine into the facts of his case; but if the 7 7”,31| henceforth in ignorance of the facts, we proceed to reveal the 8 7”,39| commandments. Giving these facts due thought, we have decreed 9 7”,53| seeing fit to present the facts concerning this matter more 10 7”,63| taught by them the divine facts thoroughly. For in the one 11 7”,63| Apollos spoke, and taught the facts about the Lord, and in spite 12 7”,95| conclusion from all these facts is that the laity ought 13 8”,23| of the Church. From these facts it becomes evident indeed 14 8”,23| their jurisdiction. These facts being presupposed, the Canon 15 8”,23| History, when narrating the facts concerning Felix and Liberius, 16 8”,23| Antioch and Jerusalem.” These facts having been thus stated, 17 8”,23| the Holy Spirit? Two other facts: A) that, since the theology 18 8”,23| as a result of all these facts the imagined monarchical 19 8”,23| and in spite of all these facts, that which Basil the Great 20 8”,23| inerrable dignity. For if these facts indicated any such thing, 21 8”,23| Note in addition to these facts that which is the sternest 22 8”,23| realize that when these facts are stated, they appear 23 8”,23| argument, but also by the facts. For Sozomen (Book VII, 24 8”,23| tonsure further above. These facts having been thus stated, 25 8”,23| of the staurophore. These facts having been thus stated, 26 8”,23| Book IV, Title XII). These facts having been thus stated, 27 8”,23| historically recording the facts concerning the statues, 28 8”,23| veritable picture of the facts, where by “picture” he meant 29 8”,23| meant the grace, and by “facts” the facts of the future 30 8”,23| grace, and by “facts” the facts of the future age. In like 31 8”,23| Lord, comparing it with the facts to be revealed nakedly and

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