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Alphabetical    [«  »]
bless 10
blessed 16
blesses 2
blessing 31
blessings 4
blinded 1
blinked 1
Frequency    [«  »]
32 sense
32 theodore
31 19
31 blessing
31 calls
31 condemned
31 emperors

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,3 | their own ignorance, and not blessing anyone. For it is not fitting 2 7”,3 | fitting anyone to bestow a blessing upon others when he himself 3 7”,25| wounds, is inconsistent: for blessing is the impartation of sanctification. 4 7”,25| not at all becoming. For blessing is an impartation of sanctity. 5 7”,25| nor secretly pronounce any blessing upon or administer any communion 6 7”,32| tonsure and receives the blessing canonically from the proper 7 7”,39| have seen fit to decree the blessing of grace upon the one about 8 7”,39| of monks, as a seal, the blessing of divine grace, and bracing 9 7”,40| alternative, and thus, with the blessing of the local Bishop. But 10 7”,40| are to come out with the blessing and permission of the local 11 7”,44| without further ado the blessing of the habit is pronounced 12 7”,44| of nuns, and receive the blessing of the habit. For it is 13 7”,45| let them do so with the blessing and permission of the abbess. 14 7”,45| doing so, only with the blessing of the one in charge of 15 7”,45| them fare forth with the blessing and permission of the Abbess; 16 7”,45| monasteries only with the blessing of the Prior. All those 17 7”,45| the monastery without a blessing, he says for him to be deprived 18 8”,23| employed here in the sense of blessing, and not with reference 19 8”,23| sacerdotal vestments without the blessing of a prelate, or of a priest, 20 8”,23| anyone, or to pro nounce any blessing whether small or great.”~ ~ [ 21 8”,23| involve the impartation of a blessing and sanctification, which 22 8”,23| while must not pronounce a blessing or conduct a sanctification, 23 8”,23| have resigned pronounce a blessing or conduct a sanctification, 24 8”,23| them from pronouncing a blessing, and from conducting a sanctification, 25 8”,23| any active operation, or blessing, or any other sacerdotal 26 8”,23| XV of the 6th), and not blessing and sanctification, and 27 8”,23| The fact that the above blessing of the bread is that which 28 8”,23| auspicious adjuvant of a blessing, and have put on the calymmauchion ( 29 8”,23| they have no special blessing. Some persons, however, 30 8”,23| persons, however, say the blessing belonging to the coucoulion 31 8”,23| loss for a prayer and a blessing. But if anyone should care

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