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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,19| the laity every day in the week, and especially and above 2 7”,26| be excommunicated for one week.~(c. XVI of the 7th; cc. 3 7”,26| be excommunicated for one week.~ ~Concord.~It is further 4 7”,28| which falls in the last week in Great Lent (or Tessaracoste) 5 7”,28| Thursday and the entire Great Week are included in the period 6 7”,28| the Thursday in the last week in Great Lent (that is to 7 7”,57| he excommunicated for a week on the ground that he is 8 7”,57| excommunicates from the Church for a week anyone that dares to do 9 7”,65| Inasmuch as all of Novation week is reckoned as a single 10 7”,65| all Christians during this week ought to remain in the churches, 11 7”,74| chanting in rotation, once a week, that is to say. Canon XV 12 7”,77| and on Thursday of each week, according to Zonaras, they 13 7”,88| celebrate all the Great Week of the Holy Passion with 14 8”,23| and on three days in the week (namely, Monday, Wednesday, 15 8”,23| able to fast even a whole week before it, are doing the 16 8”,23| us to celebrate the Great Week (i.e., Passion Week) with 17 8”,23| Great Week (i.e., Passion Week) with fasting. And the first 18 8”,23| instance on that day of the week. Nevertheless, one would 19 8”,23| his Homily on the Great Week, that just as the Great 20 8”,23| that just as the Great Week is the head and greater 21 8”,23| Saturday the head of the Great Week. The fact that the above 22 8”,23| Tyrine (or Cheese-eating Week), and in many other regions, 23 8”,23| another on every day in this week and hold litanies, lest 24 8”,23| wives throughout Novational Week, and by consequence no weddings 25 8”,23| we have said, this entire week is counted as a single day 26 8”,23| Thursday in general of the week which happened to come after 27 8”,23| of the other days of the week, in order to avoid forgetting 28 8”,23| them. That it was not one week but many weeks that intervened 29 8”,23| Wednesday of the mid-fast week of Lent.~ ~ [218] Hence 30 8”,23| excommunicates men for a week in case they swear any other

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