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speaking 82
speaks 6
spear 1
special 30
specialists 2
specially 8
species 1
Frequency    [«  »]
30 properly
30 real
30 repentance
30 special
30 taught
30 week
30 xxii

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,6 | the present Council devote special and separate treatment in 2 1”,7 | present Canon bestowed a special honor on Jerusalem. This 3 1”,7 | did not say, let him have (special) honor, but “let him have 4 2”,5 | Interpretation.~This Canon is a special and particular one. For 5 7 | order to examine into any special heresy, not in order to 6 7 | warrant its being called a special and separate Council, but 7 7”,27| fruits of the season with a special prayer and hands them out 8 7”,95| particular St. Paul, with special regard to this artificial 9 8”,23| not being the result of a special grace, or of some particular 10 8”,23| affairs, lend the Pope a special privilege of authority in 11 8”,23| teachings were contained in a special volume. And there is also 12 8”,23| with an antimension in a special place in a house or boat 13 8”,23| changed their name; and two special prayers have been read to 14 8”,23| saints desires. As for the special prayer found printed in 15 8”,23| overcap”), they have no special blessing. Some persons, 16 8”,23| Metaphrastes an acknowledgment of special thanks (acknowledged, as 17 8”,23| sanctified by the bishop with special prayers: 1) because we do 18 8”,23| anointed or having had a special prayer said over it, we 19 8”,23| it did not say that any special prayer is said over the 20 8”,23| receiving (benefit from) any special prayer, but, on the contrary 21 8”,23| made without having any special prayer said over it; and 22 8”,23| that they have not had any special prayers said over them, 23 8”,23| holy icon that has not had special prayers said over it we 24 8”,23| their not having had any special prayers said over them for 25 8”,23| though they have not had any special prayers said over them to 26 8”,23| holy icons do not need any special prayer or any application 27 8”,23| and that because of these special features these pictures 28 8”,23| holy icons do not need any special prayer or application of 29 8”,23| with myron and never any special prayer said over them, and 30 8”,23| myron nor the saying of any special prayer by a bishop. We must

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