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reads 7
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real 30
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30 nicaea
30 performed
30 properly
30 real
30 repentance
30 special
30 taught

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | trying to determine the real thinking of the Fathers 2 Intro | more nuanced view of the real evolution of ecclesiastical 3 1”,7 | were to be preserved to the real metropolis, in the same 4 1”,19| those clergymen possessed no real ordination, being destitute 5 2”,6 | depriving him perhaps of some real or personal property, in 6 4”,3 | profit, are wont to rent the real estate of others, and to 7 4”,3 | clergyman or monk shall rent real estate or involve himself 8 4”,12| properly belonging to the real Metropolis are to be preserved 9 4”,24| of vice or the like. All real and personal property belonging 10 4”,24| other valuable articles and real estate are to remain inalienable 11 7”,79| bishop who is living on his real estate, which is in some 12 7”,87| without there being any real necessity, as has been said, 13 7”,88| contrition of the heartreal contrition, that is to say, 14 8”,12| an income, and especially real estate: such as arable fields, 15 8”,16| worn not because of any real need or necessity, but for 16 8”,19| chattels, that is to say, or real estate of any kind) which 17 8”,23| and decent excuse. For the real reason of their living with 18 8”,23| written authorization of a real bishop chorepiscopi have 19 8”,23| respect to substance, a real God, and a real human being 20 8”,23| substance, a real God, and a real human being the same, but 21 8”,23| a matter of fact for the real and main reason that it 22 8”,23| to say, actual natures or real natures) after the union, 23 8”,23| the true and actual and real union: and in illustration 24 8”,23| are considering to be the real Sixth Ecumenical Council) 25 8”,23| course, leading a bodily, and real, life, such as the life 26 8”,23| the soldier who was her real husband when he returns 27 8”,23| anything is the transfer of real or personal property to 28 8”,23| that even fruit-bearing real estate belonging to churches 29 8”,23| Title XI, ch. 4). But even real estate that anyone consecrates 30 8”,23| wife consecrated to God was real estate. On account, however,

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