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perforce 1
perform 46
performance 4
performed 30
performing 9
performs 4
perfume 1
Frequency    [«  »]
30 known
30 last
30 nicaea
30 performed
30 properly
30 real
30 repentance

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,14| then let the marriage be performed. If anyone transgresses 2 4”,15| requires the ordination to be performed only after a strict investigation 3 6 | Logos, whereas the body performed that which was the function 4 7”,28| sacrificial altar, unless performed by men under a fast, are 5 7”,30| sacred rites may not be performed in the oratories of houses, 6 7”,50| dances and indecent wriggles performed whether by men or by women 7 7”,58| 59.~ Let no Baptism be performed for anyone that is in an 8 7”,61| and ritualistic ceremonies performed by men or women in the name 9 8”,23| only that service which is performed outside the Bema. For these 10 8”,23| connection with the rites being performed by the priests. And again, 11 8”,23| rendered void the ordinations performed by him. Since the same Maximus 12 8”,23| the tonsure of clergymen performed by the prelate is called 13 8”,23| decreed that all sacred acts performed in the world are to be performed 14 8”,23| performed in the world are to be performed by worldly priests, and 15 8”,23| willing, a wedding may be performed, but if they will not consent 16 8”,23| a divinely human manner performed the human acts. For though 17 8”,23| that Archdeacon Stephen performed a pure and faultless liturgy 18 8”,23| instead of a holy table and performed the divine liturgy upon 19 8”,23| XXXI allows a baptism to be performed in a prayerhouse with the 20 8”,23| oratories (only) when it is performed without the consent of the 21 8”,23| reason why baptism should be performed in churches, and not in 22 8”,23| fallen into desuetude, and is performed only in some places at some 23 8”,23| permitted a baptism to be performed in an oratory, with the 24 8”,23| permissible for a baptism to be performed in an oratory nor is it 25 8”,23| sanctification, on the other hand, is performed but twice a year, as a rule: 26 8”,23| For this reason it is also performed humbly. The other time is 27 8”,23| Paisius. For this reason it is performed with open display and a 28 8”,23| that it is not that what is performed is in general the object, 29 8”,23| church building must be performed by a prelate in accordance 30 8”,23| ceremonies of any temple are performed, the doors being thrown

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