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intercessors 1
intercourse 24
interdicted 1
interest 30
interesting 3
interests 1
interfere 1
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30 evident
30 greater
30 honored
30 interest
30 known
30 last
30 nicaea

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | councils has an obvious interest for the knowledge of the 2 Intro | legal studies stimulated an interest in the serious exegesis 3 Intro | far from being devoid of interest for the historian of canon 4 Intro | are of obvious practical interest for the clergy. This recension 5 Intro | this work is still of great interest today and shows itself as 6 Intro | councils are still of scholarly interest.38 Henri Leclercq was often 7 Intro | ancient canons does not interest just the historians of institutions 8 Intro | old Latin versions have an interest all their own. The variety 9 1 | are forbidden to lend at interest. ~Canon 18: recalls to deacons 10 1”,17| not lent out his money at interest” (Ps. 15:5), and in lending 11 1”,17| this definition receiving interest for the use of money, or 12 1”,17| prohibit the charging of interest on money, but the present 13 1”,17| not lent out his money at interest,” meaning the righteous 14 1”,17| which was an excessive interest — because, I say, clergymen 15 1”,17| be found to be charging interest, or treating the matter 16 1”,17| pretending not to charge interest, that is to say, when lending 17 1”,17| receive some part of the interest and profit accruing from 18 1”,17| the full amount of total interest, i.e., of interest at 12%), 19 1”,17| total interest, i.e., of interest at 12%), or should invent 20 7”,3 | cognizance of their own interest before we had notice of 21 7”,10| Presbyter, or Deacon who takes interest, or what is called a percentage, 22 7”,10| any deacon, that charges interest on money which he has lent, 23 7”,12| persons by not seeking my own interest, but that of the multitude, 24 7”,13| Zonaras, or for the common interest of the laity (according 25 7”,39| it more to the person’s interest. For although Basil the 26 8”,1 | rules that are to our best interest. Accordingly, we too anathematize 27 8”,23| honored on account of the interest they show in the poor by 28 8”,23| himself, either for his own interest or in order to prevent other 29 8”,23| this is also more to the interest of the very persons themselves 30 8”,23| because of his lack of interest in it, in accordance with

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