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earnest 5
earnests 1
ears 12
earth 30
earthen 1
earthquake 1
ease 3
Frequency    [«  »]
30 9
30 cities
30 conduct
30 earth
30 evident
30 greater
30 honored

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | made both in heaven and on earth; who for us men and our 2 3 | respect to economy on the earth, subscribed to His own handmaid 3 7”,1 | conveyed to the ends of the earth in a loud voice the one 4 7”,12| the four continents of the earth which is situated to the 5 7”,31| over the whole inhabited earth, having each of them handed 6 7”,55| throughout the inhabited earth, carefully following a single 7 7”,55| whole inhabited face of the earth, must follow one and the 8 7”,72| as upon the ground of the earth, under the pretext of supposed 9 7”,93| by the heaven, nor by the earth, nor by Jerusalem, nor by 10 8”,23| shepherds of the inhabited earth, since the good things of 11 8”,23| are to reign here on the earth as kings for a thousand 12 8”,23| Patriarchs of the inhabited earth (called in Greek the “oecumene”). 13 8”,23| went up a mist from the earth” (Gen. 2:6), instead of 14 8”,23| there went up mists from the earth.” And that the Canon says 15 8”,23| such words as follows: The earth is full of the Lord’s mercy. 16 8”,23| major part of the inhabited earth — that is to say, more exactly 17 8”,23| inhabited portion of the earth’s surface. This is in conformity 18 8”,23| lords of the whole inhabited earth (called in Greek the “Oikoumene,” 19 8”,23| lords of the inhabited earth, as Evagrius called Zeno ( 20 8”,23| inhabited surface of the earth. In the first sense of the 21 8”,23| authority in heaven and on earth. But he is called Ecumenical 22 8”,23| major part of the inhabited earth, and furthermore on account 23 8”,23| the various lands of the earth. It was hence a result of 24 8”,23| greater part of the inhabited earth, is not the Antichrist. 25 8”,23| The Latins move heaven and earth, as the saying goes, in 26 8”,23| one part of the inhabited earth, but to the whole inhabited 27 8”,23| Patriarchs of the inhabited earth attended it, and so did 28 8”,23| everywhere on the face of the earth recognized it and accepted 29 8”,23| officially to all the inhabited earth, without any exception. 30 8”,23| even in other parts of the earth, at a time before the Second

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