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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | that in the case of as many cities as received by virtue of 2 1”,8 | whether in villages or in cities, they shall remain in the 3 1”,8 | happen to be, whether in cities or in villages, they shall 4 1”,18| that in some regions and cities Deacons are giving the Eucharist 5 1”,18| that in some regions and cities the deacons are giving the 6 4”,4 | government, by going round in the cities negligently disregarding 7 4”,4 | carelessly going about the cities, and make it their endeavor 8 4”,10| churches of two different cities (or even of one and the 9 4”,12| own rank. As for all those cities which have already been 10 4”,12| as for all bishoprics and cities that hitherto succeeded 11 4”,19| home in their respective cities, and lead their lives therein 12 7”,8 | home in their respective cities, leading their lives therein 13 7”,36| of barbarians, and many cities have as a result become 14 7”,40| Those wishing to depart from cities or villages where they are 15 7”,41| their head go about the cities and associate with laymen 16 7”,41| must be driven out of the cities altogether and be forced 17 7”,41| their head, roamed round cities, mixing with men and women, 18 7”,41| them be driven out of the cities entirely, and let them go 19 7”,59| pretense while going about the cities and causing people a disturbance 20 7”,69| after Christ from various cities for the purpose of trying 21 7”,70| Great, and block up the cities and streets, and to do other 22 8”,15| the same city or in two cities, because this is being done 23 8”,23| Rome. But there were three cities named Caesarea in Asia. 24 8”,23| this account in such small cities and villages and districts 25 8”,23| when they ordain monks in cities or towns; and they will 26 8”,23| dignities belonging to the old cities which were really and truly 27 8”,23| parishes only which were in cities he himself had built, and 28 8”,23| that although in other cities the number of deacons was 29 8”,23| ordained to the name of certain cities which cannot be regarded 30 8”,23| incongruities those living in cities, and especially those living

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