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sagest 1
saguna 1
said 264
saint 29
saintly 3
saints 28
saith 1
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29 provided
29 reasonable
29 repent
29 saint
29 virtue
29 wherein
29 wish

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,9 | accordance with c. V of the same saint. It is also to be observed 2 1”,11| In c. LXXXI of the same saint it says that those who without 3 2”,7 | converted. Canon V of the same saint says for us to accept those 4 7”,31| the true meaning of the saint’s words, which say that 5 7”,74| many, I mean — the same saint (Epitomized Def., No. 307) 6 8”,23| though I be criticized.” ~The saint of the same name, Gregory 7 8”,23| can it be said (asks the saint) that you are a senseless 8 8”,23| is that Gregory the great saint recommends in his epic verses 9 8”,23| second apology. The same saint notes further that before 10 8”,23| For (according to the same saint, in the preamble of his 11 8”,23| interpreting the Creed the same saint says: “The Spirit is effused, 12 8”,23| according to c. XIV of the same saint. As for anyone that dons 13 8”,23| according to c. XXI of the same saint. This divine Nicephorus, 14 8”,23| Canon LIII of the same saint judges any widowed slave 15 8”,23| Mopsuestia, whom it accepted as a saint and Orthodox Christian, 16 8”,23| catechumens,” just as the saint mentions there, that is 17 8”,23| VI). And again the same saint says: “Frequenting theaters 18 8”,23| not the Gospels, which the saint indeed says that he used 19 8”,23| they hate each other. The saint adds, however, that that 20 8”,23| them. And again the same saint in his Sermon on Statues 21 8”,23| to be present. The same Saint relates in addition to this 22 8”,23| Bishop; accordingly, the saint reappeared and told him 23 8”,23| he knew who he was, the saint answered that he knew him 24 8”,23| paintings. For the same saint said above by way of anticipation 25 8”,23| account of the name of the Saint and on account of the likeness 26 8”,23| Campania Sir Theophilus the Saint did not conceal this truth, 27 8”,23| been painted by a certain Saint (but this view is not admitted 28 8”,23| taken this word from the saint’s fourth letter to Caius. 29 8”,23| is mentioned by the same Saint: reason and teaching will

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