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proverbs 2
proves 3
provide 15
provided 29
providence 3
provides 3
providing 6
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29 lst-
29 offered
29 proper
29 provided
29 reasonable
29 repent
29 saint

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | while the Council lasted he provided abundantly for the maintenance 2 1”,10| mouth — all such persons, provided the rest of their life has 3 4”,13| clericate unless they are provided with letters recommendatory 4 4”,14| rather to take any from them provided that they promise to become 5 4”,24| are liable to the penances provided by the Canons.~(c. IV of 6 4”,24| liable to the penalties provided by the Canons. But what 7 4”,26| liable to the penalties provided by the divine Canons. But 8 7”,16| the Old Testament, not as provided by the Hebrew original, 9 7”,39| says that they ought to be provided for by him also, or, in 10 7”,45| mother-superiors in the convent provided with a warrant from the 11 7”,47| convent,[174] but is to be provided with the necessities of 12 7”,48| subject to the penances provided by the Canons. ~(c. XXIV 13 7”,60| must note that the penalty provided by the present Canon is 14 7”,60| by the present Canon is provided for laymen only, as much 15 7”,78| ring-cake on a square bed provided with linen bedclothes, and 16 7”,97| deemed liable to the penalty provided for the crime of adultery.~ ~ 17 8”,5 | to receive the penalties provided by Ap. c. XXIX and c. II 18 8”,14| only in his own Monastery, provided that imposition of hands 19 8”,14| the abbot of a monastery, provided he is a priest and has been 20 8”,23| assembled in the city of Ephesus provided that it was necessary to 21 8”,23| the last rites of unction (provided he repents, that is to say); 22 8”,23| barbarians or disorderly men, provided that her former life was 23 8”,23| to remain in holy orders provided they accept Papism, or Roman 24 8”,23| Acts 19:18). The penalties provided in this Canon ought to be 25 8”,23| be found old psalters all provided with musical notes. But 26 8”,23| seven years are the penance provided for fornicators, and not 27 8”,23| seven years is the penance provided for adultery in c. XX of 28 8”,23| been duly dedicated and provided with a throne, so that there 29 8”,23| the abbot of a monastery, provided he is sensible and prudent

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