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loud 1
loudly 2
louvain 1
love 29
love-feasts 6
loved 2
loves 3
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29 heart
29 knowledge
29 latin
29 love
29 lst-
29 offered
29 proper

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | magnetic power of sexual love of men for women, which 2 3”,1 | known to your holiness and love that if any Metropolitan 3 3”,8 | pursuance of affection and love in Christ. But if you care 4 4”,3 | undertake to manage out of love of money. Therefore the 5 4”,27| his absurd and improper love of women, but his accomplices 6 7”,1 | and which has with the love of God clearly enabled us 7 7”,26| nature a race of beings that love adornment, to wear luxurious 8 7”,44| of life and has fallen in love with a career modeled after 9 7”,47| with a desire for carnal love. But if the wife, however, 10 7”,69| they abide in faith and love and sanctity with sobriety” ( 11 7”,69| rear them in the belief and love of God, to uphold the sanctity 12 7”,73| banquets held as a token of love, and designed to lead the 13 7”,73| to lead the banqueters to love and union), on the occasion 14 7”,95| thereby attracting women into love, but to cut their hair off. 15 8”,15| he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will 16 8”,15| one of them, or he will love and embrace the other. And 17 8”,23| and allays vehement sexual love, and often leads the man 18 8”,23| has conceived a passion of love for the man who has been 19 8”,23| the pretext of spiritual love. For those keeping such 20 8”,23| prelates, take care, for the love of God, to extirpate this 21 8”,23| or to allure him to their love; which draughts women are 22 8”,23| means of drawing men into love. Such women are canonized 23 8”,23| order to incite anybody to love are to be exiled and their 24 8”,23| inside the Bema! So, for the love of God, let them cease doing 25 8”,23| in the churches? For the love of God, holy Prelates, prevent 26 8”,23| preamble to the Tome of Love. And other canonical customs 27 8”,23| beholding them to their Satanic love. Oh, and how the miserable 28 8”,23| explains why the Apostle said, “Love is not addicted to frippery” ( 29 8”,23| has been corrected to “love,” leaving the incorrect

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