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Alphabetical    [«  »]
demon-possessed 1
demoniacal 2
demonish 2
demons 29
demosthenes 1
denial 1
denied 20
Frequency    [«  »]
30 xxii
29 benefit
29 between
29 demons
29 enough
29 heart
29 knowledge

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| ate of the table of the demons, and swore Greek oaths, 2 5 | punishment suffered in hell; that demons are going to recover the 3 7”,59| pretend to be possessed with demons, and who with their vileness 4 7”,59| are really possessed with demons would be deservedly subjected 5 7”,59| persons under the control of demons and make irregular motions 6 7”,59| persons really possessed with demons in order to free them from 7 7”,59| be under the control of demons have become familiar and 8 7”,64| fire as a sacrifice to the demons.~ ~ ~ 9 7”,69| temples of idols, in which demons were worshiped; and hence 10 8”,23| Jews, or rather to say the demons who impelled the Jews to 11 8”,23| possessed, or controlled by demons, simply because He used 12 8”,23| consecrated themselves to demons and who are supposed to 13 8”,23| with the collaboration of demons were wont to drive clouds 14 8”,23| interlard their invocations of demons with the Psalms of David, 15 8”,23| the Greeks; for even the demons used to say the name of 16 8”,23| but they themselves were demons and were bad, on which account 17 8”,23| them with invocations of demons, but also those who bought 18 8”,23| invocations, and the names of demons, and thereby excommunicate 19 8”,23| snatched up in the air by demons and go from region to region, 20 8”,23| Wizards are those who invoke demons that are in a way beneficent, 21 8”,23| applied to those who lure demons into whatever things they 22 8”,23| with the co-operation of demons by means of the stars whatever 23 8”,23| seal has prevailed; the demons are defeated, the fears 24 8”,23| himself with wizards, and demons were gathered together, 25 8”,23| made his Cross, and the demons instantly dispersed, and 26 8”,23| and mingling the sports of demons with angelic doxology. By 27 8”,23| hope of chasing away the demons. Likewise, in the same way 28 8”,23| like persons possessed with demons, and who pretend to foretell 29 8”,23| pieces; and with many dark demons lurking thereabouts, and

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