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Alphabetical    [«  »]
said 264
saint 29
saintly 3
saints 28
saith 1
sake 39
salamis 2
Frequency    [«  »]
28 private
28 prohibited
28 promise
28 saints
28 salvation
28 so-called
28 term

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,51| in the commemorations of saints, is deemed by the majority 2 7”,69| As in all churches of the saints,” says Paul the Apostle, “ 3 8 | George Cyprius Orthodox and Saints, it issued a definition 4 8 | Angels,[262] and of all Saints. For the more frequently 5 8”,23| though they were fire. But if saints forbid a man to associate 6 8”,23| remained but some few Orthodox saints to criticize the heresies, 7 8”,23| Chrysostom, though, I say, these saints did appeal to an ecumenical 8 8”,23| icons (i.e., pictures of the saints, etc.), on account of the 9 8”,23| it unlike the halo of the saints. For this reason Maximus 10 8”,23| tradition handed down by the saints desires. As for the special 11 8”,23| Psalms of David, the names of saints, and even with the name 12 8”,23| Holy Trinity, or that of saints, or make the sign of the 13 8”,23| other stuff; or who cut the saints and in general the ornaments 14 8”,23| All-holy Virgin), or of the Saints, which are written in letters, 15 8”,23| trace of adoration of the Saints, keep in their churches 16 8”,23| churches of the Martyrs and Saints during their festivals, 17 8”,23| struggle unto death which the Saints showed for the sake of piety, 18 8”,23| enmity of God and of His Saints? And are you fighting with 19 8”,23| more to the point, even the saints in Italy, like St. Ambrose, 20 8”,23| Him. Likewise as for the Saints and their relics, we adore 21 8”,23| because the things said by the Saints are pictures of their souls: 22 8”,23| these the pictures of the Saints, as is made plain in the 23 8”,23| to imitate the works of Saints, according to St. Nilus, 24 8”,23| God as a Savior, and the Saints, on the other hand, as intercessors 25 8”,23| inscribe the names of all Saints upon their images (or icons), 26 8”,23| the holy icons of certain Saintsfeasts and festivals, and 27 8”,23| objected that the ancient Saints do not mention the writings 28 8”,23| Councils, and so many other Saints, are sufficient to counterbalance

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