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Alphabetical    [«  »]
prolongations 2
prolonged 2
promiscuously 1
promise 28
promised 4
promises 5
promising 1
Frequency    [«  »]
28 plain
28 private
28 prohibited
28 promise
28 saints
28 salvation
28 so-called

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 2”,6 | he first gives a written promise to accept the same sentence 2 4”,14| Greek, unless they first promise and undertake to convert 3 4”,14| But if the heretic should promise to become an Orthodox Christian, 4 4”,14| one in accordance with his promise, and then let the marriage 5 4”,14| them provided that they promise to become Christians. In 6 4”,16| and found true to their promise, they would be numbered 7 7”,1 | faithfully join together in the promise and vow to preserve and 8 7”,13| presbytery must solemnly promise to have no further intercourse 9 7”,13| deacons and presbyters must promise and agree at the time of 10 7”,13| be obliged necessarily to promise that he will separate from 11 7”,29| they are carrying out their promise. We make this concession 12 7”,29| cohabitation, that they made this promise and agreement not on account 13 7”,39| welcome the confession (or promise, as we say in English) of 14 7”,39| ought the confession and promise they make to God to be accepted 15 7”,93| ludicrous for anyone to promise God not to eat pork, or 16 8”,2 | just as they chant and promise every day with the prophet, 17 8”,19| in accordance with his promise, unless his departure has 18 8”,19| in accordance with the promise or vow of the one who consecrated 19 8”,23| monk that has broken his promise to God, even though it be 20 8”,23| other words, a definite promise to abstain from their wives ( 21 8”,23| violation of the agreement and promise which he had made to observe 22 8”,23| lest as a result of any promise on the part of those in 23 8”,23| denoted in English by the word promise or vow) is to be considered 24 8”,23| the widows were wont to promise and solemnly undertake not 25 8”,23| ought to carry out his promise (and see the Footnote to 26 8”,23| that if a wife make any promise to God, and her husband 27 8”,23| silent, she must fulfill her promise. If, on the other hand, 28 8”,23| contrary, objects, that promise is not to be actualized

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