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28 places
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28 prohibited
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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,10| dare to do anything hereby prohibited, after the definition of 2 4”,18| factious partisanship), already prohibited by secular laws, ought still 3 4”,18| and that of faction are prohibited even by the secular, or 4 4”,22| seize his effects, as is prohibited even by the Canons of old,[ 5 7”,30| houses, a thing which is prohibited except in case of great 6 7”,33| fitting still that this be prohibited from occurring in the Church 7 7”,50| any of the things herein prohibited, in case he is a clergyman, 8 7”,53| discern what marriages are prohibited as illicit led nature to 9 7”,63| modest in manner, he is not prohibited from answering and teaching 10 7”,69| words of St. Paul, women are prohibited from teaching either in 11 7”,69| and still more are they prohibited from chanting either in 12 7”,75| caught in doing what is here prohibited, let him be excommunicated.~ ~ 13 7”,75| the faithful, the Fathers prohibited by means of this Canon the 14 7”,98| ought necessarily to have prohibited this, as something highly 15 7”,98| something highly improper, as it prohibited the offering of the meat. 16 8”,23| reason that it had not been prohibited or debarred by any previous 17 8”,23| anticipating this sort of thing had prohibited any addition whatsoever 18 8”,23| of his own), that is not prohibited, since from the beginning 19 8”,23| Ordinance 14 title I one is prohibited from building on any spot 20 8”,23| as it is called in Greek) prohibited clergymen from serving in 21 8”,23| reasons that this Council prohibited by an Ecumenical Canon prelates 22 8”,23| present Ecumenical Council prohibited marriage to prelates by 23 8”,23| this account the Council prohibited this. For it had to prohibit 24 8”,23| shows and such games are prohibited only on Sundays and the 25 8”,23| house, which ought to be prohibited with excommunications as 26 8”,23| assert that swearing is prohibited by the divine Gospel and 27 8”,23| with the icons, that is not prohibited. We ought to pay adoration 28 8”,23| woven with linen clothes he prohibited all luxuriousness and adornment

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