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28 eusebius
28 face
28 fifth
28 monastic
28 novel
28 object
28 orthodoxy

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | principally to marriage and monastic law. No council issued regulations 2 4”,4 | sincerely and truly enter upon monastic life be accorded due honor. 3 4”,4 | any hypocrisy adopt the monastic life deserve to be duly 4 4”,4 | But since some employ the monastic habit as a pretext and lure 5 7”,39| choose the solitary (or monastic) life, but must observe 6 7”,39| is about to submit to the monastic yoke and who is not less 7 7”,41| and discrediting their monastic profession, the present 8 7”,42| persons who wished to lead a monastic life were being prevented 9 7”,68| upon the modesty of the monastic habit, in order to light 10 8”,19| Sacerdotal Order, or the monastic life. The result is that, 11 8”,19| the Sacerdotal Order or to monastic life; and thus is fulfilled 12 8”,23| women that are leading a monastic life or have grown old as 13 8”,23| many great lavras (i.e., monastic retreats) and monasteries 14 8”,23| services have been held and monastic austerity of life has been 15 8”,23| those about to adopt the monastic style of life until they 16 8”,23| his work on the subject of monastic perfectionization, asserts “ 17 8”,23| that they are leading a monastic life as their career, secluded 18 8”,23| secludes itself to the eye. The monastic order lives monastically 19 8”,23| treated in connection with the monastic life, he replied (Def. in 20 8”,23| course, by means of the monastic life, then let them not 21 8”,23| Christ by resorting to the monastic life, “since there is nothing 22 8”,23| prevented from taking up the monastic life by the other may, even 23 8”,23| in achieving his aim of monastic purity of life by fervently 24 8”,23| the other has adopted the monastic style of life, on the supposition 25 8”,23| the other has adopted the monastic mode of life; and he further 26 8”,23| married couple may adopt the monastic mode of life only with the 27 8”,23| monasteries who have chosen the monastic life, but must nevertheless 28 8”,23| to betake themselves to a monastic life, according to c. XIX

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