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face 28
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28 constantine
28 dodecabiblus
28 eusebius
28 face
28 fifth
28 monastic
28 novel

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | province. However, in the face of a practical impossibility ( 2 1”,11| to the ground upon their face with much sobbing and wailing. 3 2”,7 | blowing thrice into their face and into their ears; and 4 2”,7 | blowing three times into their face and into their ears. And 5 7”,26| human being will look at a face, but God at a heart” (Sam. 6 7”,50| even slapping each other’s face, and moving the spectators 7 7”,55| over the whole inhabited face of the earth, must follow 8 7”,93| other oath taken in the face of an unrecognized or disreputable 9 7”,95| shave round in a circle the face of your head.” Aquila, on 10 8”,5 | thereof with an impudent face and unbridled mouth dishonoring 11 8”,6 | upon to assemble had to face, the devout Fathers of the 12 8”,7 | precisely as they removed the face in the venerable icons from 13 8”,23| which object is the pretty face and the beauty of the women. 14 8”,23| concerning renunciation) “at the face of the beardless young men 15 8”,23| churches everywhere on the face of the earth recognized 16 8”,23| their beardless and girlish face. And see in the Footnote 17 8”,23| others with their beardless face as much as they do with 18 8”,23| beard in order to make their face smooth and handsome after 19 8”,23| superfluous hairs on their face, in order to become tender 20 8”,23| rouge and paint on their face, in order to look pretty, 21 8”,23| they are wearing another face which is devilish, and another 22 8”,23| she too used to paint her face in order to please the eyes 23 8”,23| him; and she painted her face, and attired her head, and 24 8”,23| bridegrooms and have the face of women. For God forbids 25 8”,23| not possessors of a manly face, but of a womanly face. 26 8”,23| manly face, but of a womanly face. Hence it was that Epiphanius 27 8”,23| unknown expositor, had the face of a calf, and adored the 28 8”,23| underneath the legs that face the east. (Some persons,

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