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sensible 6
sensual 2
sensually 1
sent 27
sentence 8
sentenced 1
sentiment 4
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27 provinces
27 resurrection
27 seen
27 sent
27 six
27 statues
27 thou

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of Jerusalem (1669-1707) sent a copy of Beveridge's Synodikon 2 3 | afterwards legates of Rome were sent from the West, namely, Arcadius, 3 4”,30| Pope of Rome, which he had sent to the Patriarch of Constantinople 4 7”,7 | Patriarch or Metropolitan, sent to another region, on any 5 7”,11| eat any unleavened wafers sent him by Jews, nor indeed 6 8”,23| divine grace, and had been sent off to the Lord absolved 7 8”,23| decent for male deacons to be sent, on account of the risk 8 8”,23| suspicions, a woman deaconess was sent, according to the 15th ch. 9 8”,23| and believeth in him who sent me, hath life everlasting, 10 8”,23| throne of Constantinople, he sent money to Peter the Bishop 11 8”,23| Alexandria, and the latter sent some men and they ordained 12 8”,23| the present Second Council sent to the Romans mention is 13 8”,23| In the letter which was sent from Constantinople to the 14 8”,23| letter which the same Council sent to the emperors concerning 15 8”,23| follows: “What has now been sent is embellished with evangelical 16 8”,23| the imperial magistrate sent with the letters was in 17 8”,23| same” (in the letter he sent to Pope Leo; page 912 of 18 8”,23| celebrates on February 18th) sent this letter to St. Flavian 19 8”,23| Seventh Ec. C. the letters sent to Tarasius by the prelates 20 8”,23| Christian, seeing that Severus sent two bishops with a view 21 8”,23| know ye not that they have sent me letters and therein the 22 8”,23| one who is destined to be sent away. Accordingly, after 23 8”,23| Exarchs, as representatives sent abroad by the Church, are 24 8”,23| produced by instruments are sent packing by the divine Fathers 25 8”,23| lyingly state that Leo III sent such a picture to King Charles 26 8”,23| it; and that Pope Urban sent another picture to John 27 8”,23| tonsured without a sponsor is sent to another monastery, according

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