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seemly 2
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seen 27
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sees 4
seest 1
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27 namely
27 provinces
27 resurrection
27 seen
27 sent
27 six
27 statues

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | endorsed customs which were seen to be legitimate. To the 2 1”,14| These two classes are to be seen clearly depicted in the 3 2 | Orthodox Christians, as it is seen in this Second Council ( 4 2”,3 | equality of honor is to be seen in the fact that the Fathers 5 2”,3 | of disposition is to be seen in the fact that both the 6 3”,8 | circumstances of its plight. We have seen some such misfortune overtake 7 7”,3 | have died, if they too have seen their way to return to good 8 7”,27| both to the laity, we have seen fit to decree that no one 9 7”,32| the divine Temple, we have seen fit to concur in decreeing 10 7”,36| their own thrones, we have seen fit to concur in decreeing 11 7”,39| fact quite recently we have seen fit to decree the blessing 12 8 | oftener they are continually seen in pictorial representation, 13 8”,8 | religion of the Jews have seen fit to sneer at Christ our 14 8”,23| given to monks, as may be seen in many of the Canons themselves, 15 8”,23| woman's naked body to be seen by men. Secondly, for the 16 8”,23| of death till they have seen the kingdom of God come 17 8”,23| say, the unseen and the seen, the passible and the indefectible. 18 8”,23| said: “We have not even seen a Symbol of the Apostles, 19 8”,23| Theodosius, as is to be seen therein plainly enough, 20 8”,23| state in which it is now seen. The presanctified liturgy 21 8”,23| in a basin, as is to be seen in many icons representing 22 8”,23| heretics, but who has later seen how the Orthodox are baptized, 23 8”,23| in Leipzig they are to be seen painted after Martin Luther 24 8”,23| this reason it is to be seen that these kurbanists do 25 8”,23| many times been sensually seen by many men and women with 26 8”,23| that the original can be seen in the picture (or icon), 27 8”,23| all flesh” (Joel 2:28), as seen in some old pictures. These

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