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resurrect 1
resurrected 5
resurrection 27
retain 9
retained 4
retire 2
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27 live
27 namely
27 provinces
27 resurrection
27 seen
27 sent
27 six

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,1 | impiously exulting over the resurrection of the dead; as well as 2 7”,31| both before and after His resurrection the Lord used wine, is denying 3 7”,65| cheer and celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord with psalms 4 7”,88| precise time of the Lord’s Resurrection c. I of Dionysius goes into 5 7”,89| Sundays when honoring the Resurrection of Christ, since this observation 6 7”,89| hence celebrate en masse the Resurrection for a whole day and a whole 7 7”,89| Basil the Great, for the resurrection of the Lord, we bring it 8 7”,89| and preamble of the Lord’s resurrection, we begin chanting the resurrection 9 7”,89| resurrection, we begin chanting the resurrection hymns called the Anastasimi, 10 7”,89| manner we may celebrate the Resurrection en masse for a whole night 11 8”,23| participated in the first resurrection reigned together with Christ 12 8”,23| John 12:31). The first resurrection, by contrast, took place 13 8”,23| denote that in the future resurrection, after being composed again 14 8”,23| on these holy days of the Resurrection, and what sort of disorderly 15 8”,23| are to awake on the day of resurrection. This exceedingly barbarian 16 8”,23| the whole of the matins of resurrection and wait till divine Liturgy 17 8”,23| here that in the day of resurrection it used to be the custom 18 8”,23| churches, while the “Day of Resurrection” was being chanted, at the 19 8”,23| this second kiss the Second Resurrection. As concerns the red eggs 20 8”,23| eaten at the time of the Resurrection, many persons say many things 21 8”,23| Eastertide on the occasion of the Resurrection then being celebrated. This 22 8”,23| Valentinians denied the resurrection of bodies, thus ignoring 23 8”,23| Stephen. For them to paint the Resurrection of Christ, not coming out 24 8”,23| constitute a picture of the Resurrection, but a picture of the Lord’ 25 8”,23| descent into Hades. The Resurrection and the Descent into Hades 26 8”,23| dead in the tomb. In the Resurrection, on the other hand, His 27 8”,23| His body, and that is the Resurrection itself. In addition, they

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