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Alphabetical    [«  »]
entailing 1
entangled 2
entendre 1
enter 27
entered 7
entering 7
enteromanteis 1
Frequency    [«  »]
27 bodies
27 command
27 ecum
27 enter
27 handed
27 happen
27 live

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| other words, they shall enter the nave, and shall stand, 2 1”,12| words, though allowed to enter the church, they must leave 3 2”,6 | submit an apology (i.e., enter a plea in his own defense) 4 4”,4 | who sincerely and truly enter upon monastic life be accorded 5 5 | the death of one body they enter another; that there is an 6 7”,9 | person is not permitted to enter a tavern, much less is he 7 7”,9 | permissible for him even to enter taverns at all, it is still 8 7”,40| by themselves, must first enter a Monastery, and become 9 7”,42| whirl of ordinary life to enter a Monastery, and to take 10 7”,47| the Episcopate, let her enter a Convent that is in a location 11 7”,47| duly ordained, she must enter a convent (or monastery) 12 7”,68| anyone among all the laity to enter within the sacred altar, 13 7”,68| who has been permitted to enter it, in accordance with a 14 7”,68| Laodicea forbids women to enter the sanctuary of the sacrificial 15 7”,68| Nicholas allows those monks to enter the Holy Bema who are not 16 7”,68| says that nuns ought to enter the Holy Bema for the purpose 17 8”,20| men, and the women must enter a nunnery (or monastery 18 8”,23| and unfaithful woman might enter (Book II, ch. 17); and she 19 8”,23| forbidden by the Fathers to enter the Bema or to perform any 20 8”,23| presidency, but, when they enter the church, to ignore them 21 8”,23| parents of children or to enter into any compact of brotherhood; 22 8”,23| after the ordination to enter a convent, does not at the 23 8”,23| unlawful for laymen even to enter the Bema, how much more 24 8”,23| consequence of fornication shall enter into a secret plot or design 25 8”,23| Pharisees, we shall by no means enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 26 8”,23| after death the souls of men enter birds and cattle and reptiles, 27 8”,23| Nicephorus; 2) if women enter the monastery, according

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