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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | saying what he does not want to say.”49 In some cases, 2 2”,7 | Galatians:[61] all of them that want to adhere to Orthodoxy we 3 4”,14| by them, and they do not want to be separated, let them 4 6 | other hand His glory, and to want what was unwantable. For 5 7”,26| says: “Beware of those who want to walk about in costumes” ( 6 7”,40| solitary confinement when they want to, except and unless it 7 7”,45| Interpretation.~These Fathers do not want nuns to go away from their 8 7”,98| of an animal which they want, but, on the contrary, must 9 8”,15| towns outside of it, for want of men, let there be concessions.~( 10 8”,20| happen that any nun should want to see a monk who is her 11 8”,23| man should happen to be in want of what he needs, and as 12 8”,23| holy orders. And if they want to repent and to be saved, 13 8”,23| ashamed of his ignorance or want of knowledge, he would say 14 8”,23| the Creed, they did not want to add it therein. For in 15 8”,23| Synesius as well as Theophilus want no one to admit them to 16 8”,23| or to marry, and not to want to mix virginity with marriage, 17 8”,23| the prelacy; it does not want the married men, not because 18 8”,23| Canon alone those rely who want to have those who resign 19 8”,23| relatives of the dead, who want to have them buried there, 20 8”,23| girls themselves do not want to be freed from such control, 21 8”,23| soldier, if she does not want him, is in no way or manner 22 8”,23| opposition to those who want to have oaths taken, says ( 23 8”,23| which has been a custom. I want to eradicate, I mean, not 24 8”,23| swore an oath. Well, if you want to, you may tell me that 25 8”,23| my dear reader, if you want to learn that the baptism 26 8”,23| reason why the Canon does not want things of the churches or

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