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Alphabetical    [«  »]
unjustly 12
unknowingly 1
unknown 2
unlawful 26
unlawfully 2
unlearned 3
unleavened 4
Frequency    [«  »]
26 seat
26 states
26 synods
26 unlawful
26 want
26 widows
26 xxviii

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,14| begotten children by such an unlawful marriage must bring them 2 7”,3 | of illicit marriages, and unlawful ones, into which they had 3 7”,25| entangled himself in an unlawful marriage, let him retain 4 7”,25| is obvious that any such unlawful marriage must be dissolved, 5 7”,25| to be repentant of his unlawful marriage, is not at all 6 7”,31| by way of refuting the unlawful doctrine of that particular 7 7”,43| accordance with the Canons; the unlawful marriage being first dissolved. 8 7”,52| persons desist from such unlawful state of matrimony, and 9 7”,52| to be divorced from this unlawful wedding, and next they are 10 7”,52| fornicators on account of that unlawful marriage. This same provision, 11 7”,53| concisely the marriages that are unlawful. But inasmuch as such silence 12 7”,53| after they have canceled the unlawful marriage contract.~ ~Interpretation.~ 13 7”,53| concisely alluded to all unlawful marriages by the general 14 7”,53| first be separated from this unlawful marriage contract, and afterwards 15 7”,71| is to be void, and this unlawful matrimonial tie is to be 16 8”,10| present Canon forbids two unlawful things in the same paragraph: 17 8”,23| unwittingly fallen into an unlawful marriage, which is the same 18 8”,23| other words, that is not unlawful and contrary to the Canons) 19 8”,23| preventing the occurrence of the unlawful anomaly of a person’s having 20 8”,23| have been incomparably more unlawful than the marriage of (unordained) 21 8”,23| of deaconesses was more unlawful than the marriage of widows 22 8”,23| voluntarily dissolve their unlawful marriage and hasten to confess 23 8”,23| induced to see to it that the unlawful custom prevailing in many 24 8”,23| to priests. But if it is unlawful for laymen even to enter 25 8”,23| the Bema, how much more unlawful must be that which some 26 8”,23| or else on account of the unlawful multiplication of baptism.~ ~ [

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