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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,51| fasting, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday and the days 2 7”,51| perfect liturgy, but only on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, 3 7”,51| the sole exception being Saturday,[178] just as the rituals 4 7”,54| fasting on Sunday, or on Saturday, with the exception of one 5 7”,55| forbids one from fasting on Saturday and Sunday, and not understanding 6 7”,88| of the night after Great Saturday, the divine Evangelists 7 7”,88| on Great Friday and Great Saturday they ought to be forced 8 7”,88| midnight of the past Great Saturday — of the coming Great Sunday 9 7”,89| altar on the evening of the Saturday in question, let none of 10 7”,89| that the night succeeding Saturday was the precursor of our 11 7”,89| into the Holy Bema during Saturday vespers; this is the same 12 7”,89| For taking the night after Saturday to be the precursor and 13 7”,89| darkness of the night after Saturday (which is counted as that 14 8”,23| during the night of Great Saturday and of Easter. Sometimes, 15 8”,23| according to Balsamon, observing Saturday as Sabbath after the manner 16 8”,23| after the liturgy of Great Saturday indulge in wine and oil, 17 8”,23| throughout Great Friday and Great Saturday, just as they themselves 18 8”,23| on Great Friday and Great Saturday that the Lord was in fact 19 8”,23| on the evening of Great Saturday the Cellarman comes and 20 8”,23| of Great Friday and Great Saturday, which is more necessary? 21 8”,23| year, so again is Great Saturday the head of the Great Week. 22 8”,23| been presanctified from Saturday and Sunday, in order to 23 8”,23| and so on likewise, on Saturday and Sunday we allow a breaking 24 8”,23| that one is not to fast on Saturday and Sunday with complete 25 8”,23| on the evening of Great Saturday to recite the dogmas of 26 8”,23| being baptized on Great Saturday. To me, however, the above

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