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Alphabetical    [«  »]
marriages 16
married 57
marries 4
marry 26
marrying 2
martin 2
martyr 10
Frequency    [«  »]
26 heaven
26 inside
26 instance
26 marry
26 otherwise
26 piety
26 power

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,14| provinces have been permitted to marry, the holy Council has made 2 4”,14| Anagnosts and Psalts may marry after being installed by 3 4”,16| Basil, are not permitted to marry and to violate the agreements 4 7”,6 | Anagnosts and Psalts may marry, we too, in keeping with 5 7”,6 | Anagnosts and Psalts may marry after being ordained, the 6 7”,6 | ordained shall be permitted to marry. If he should do so anyhow, 7 7”,6 | if any of these wants to marry, let him marry before being 8 7”,6 | wants to marry, let him marry before being ordained a 9 7”,47| wife of deceased priests marry a second time.~ ~ ~ 10 7”,71| permissible for an Orthodox man to marry a heretical woman, or for 11 7”,92| not be denied the right to marry, yet it would be better 12 7”,92| However, these women who marry a second time have some 13 8”,23| virgin in reality or to marry, and not to want to mix 14 8”,23| nobody else is willing to marry them. I have said that it 15 8”,23| a subdeacon or deacon to marry after ordination: and also 16 8”,23| permission for a deacon to marry after ordination, he is 17 8”,23| persons cannot be allowed to marry after ordination? The reason 18 8”,23| matrimony (i.e., after they marry) they may mount to the sublime 19 8”,23| even those who are about to marry ought to confess with their 20 8”,23| throw aside their rason and marry. God forbid! For how could 21 8”,23| manifest. For were she to marry a second time, she would 22 8”,23| opinion that one spouse may marry a second time after the 23 8”,23| yet not allow his wife to marry a second time, because that 24 8”,23| party to a marriage may marry again after the other has 25 8”,23| them allow a Latin man to marry an Orthodox woman, or a 26 8”,23| said that the husband can marry a second time if without

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