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gathering 2
gatherings 1
gaul 1
gave 26
gavest 1
gaza 1
gaze 1
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26 cor
26 dead
26 garments
26 gave
26 heaven
26 inside
26 instance

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 2”,3 | assert that these 150 Bishops gave equal priorities to the 2 2”,3 | but that later urgent need gave him also the authority to 3 3 | truly and properly speaking gave birth in the flesh to God.[ 4 7”,1 | Ever-Virgin who seedlessly gave birth to Him, holding her 5 7”,28| consider Christ Himself, who gave the Communion to the Apostles 6 7”,31| Great in their Liturgies gave directions for the holy 7 7”,78| Virgin, at any rate, who gave birth to the Logos in the 8 7”,78| foodstuffs, which they ate and gave one another to eat, doing 9 7”,78| case of other women who gave birth to children in a natural 10 7”,78| of man’s mind and reason gave birth in the flesh to the 11 7”,82| explaining that when the Lord gave the mystic bread to His 12 8”,5 | the others because they gave none be reduced to the lowest 13 8”,23| Alexandria, as we have said, he gave occasion to this Council 14 8”,23| a good hope, the priest gave the boy a portion of the 15 8”,23| swallowed a little, immediately gave up his spirit” (Eusebius, 16 8”,23| documentary confession, and they gave him a book in which was 17 8”,23| because of the fact that she gave birth to a God), St. Cyril 18 8”,23| reverence for the Creed he gave up this intention and all 19 8”,23| holy Theotoke, therefore, gave voice to the song of this 20 8”,23| and the money which they gave therefor, and the expense 21 8”,23| the foregoing persons that gave anything, not only will 22 8”,23| years as the limit, but gave the prelate leave to increase 23 8”,23| Puerperium of the Woman who gave birth to God in the flesh) 24 8”,23| money from his relatives and gave them a space inside the 25 8”,23| exception that He Himself gave them; and that anyone who 26 8”,23| dishonor the image which God gave them with their wicked beautifications!

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