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Alphabetical    [«  »]
deaconesses 37
deaconry 1
deacons 92
dead 26
deadly 6
deal 4
dealeth 1
Frequency    [«  »]
26 avoid
26 commune
26 cor
26 dead
26 garments
26 gave
26 heaven

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | judge the living and the dead. And in the Holy Ghost. 2 7”,1 | the resurrection of the dead; as well as what had been 3 7”,82| 26:26); but the bodies of dead persons can neither take 4 7”,82| But the bodies of the dead can neither take it nor 5 7”,82| ought one to baptize the dead, according to the remainder 6 7”,82| to lament and mourn his dead relatives, and when admonished 7 7”,90| their womb and thus expel it dead. For this reason the present 8 8”,23| little, and is not entirely dead, though he is senseless, 9 8”,23| magistrate came in and found him dead in the privy in which all 10 8”,23| represent the living Divinity as dead, as well as the Savior’s 11 8”,23| mourning and grieving over dead relatives of theirs are 12 8”,23| supposition that the latter is dead, because of having chosen 13 8”,23| reminders of the living and dead, but the tessaracosta, in 14 8”,23| held at the burial of the dead (p. 8 of the Book on Religious 15 8”,23| strict accuracy mean the dead, but those who approaching 16 8”,23| and are not yet actually dead, yet in spite of this the 17 8”,23| died and who are actually dead.” That is why in other codices 18 8”,23| church ought on to bury dead persons, and that those 19 8”,23| allow the bodies of the dead to be buried inside the 20 8”,23| also the relatives of the dead, who want to have them buried 21 8”,23| conferring a benefit upon the dead when you bury them in the 22 8”,23| construct the tombs of the dead outside of the churches. 23 8”,23| stinking corpses of their dead, from the stench of which 24 8”,23| How much more ought the dead not remain in the church, 25 8”,23| expressly says for bodies of dead persons not to be buried 26 8”,23| Hades, whereas His body lay dead in the tomb. In the Resurrection,

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