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common 77
commonizing 1
commonly 9
commune 26
communed 4
communes 1
communicate 3
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26 although
26 athanasius
26 avoid
26 commune
26 cor
26 dead
26 garments

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| for two years they shall commune without oblation in prayers 2 1”,11| years are to be allowed to commune.[21] In order to enable 3 4”,13| though as laymen that may commune there. Read also the interpretations 4 7”,28| danger of dying, he must commune even after having eaten, 5 7”,28| that those who are about to commune have permission up to midnight 6 7”,60| saying, that they are not to commune throughout the duration 7 7”,86| thus acquiring the right to commune. Read also the Interpretation 8 8”,23| had repented, nor would commune with persons married twice. 9 8”,23| at the point of death to commune, especially if they beggingly 10 8”,23| Dionysius, that such persons commune as a matter of necessity, 11 8”,23| the deacons, but only to commune after the deacons, and, 12 8”,23| heretic, he is not allowed to commune in the divine mysteries 13 8”,23| though they be unworthy, to commune in the divine mysteries. 14 8”,23| give me if I allow you to commune?” But what else is this 15 8”,23| are even to be allowed to commune within the Holy Bema (though 16 8”,23| the sin to completion to commune in company with presbyters 17 8”,23| If those who are about to commune are not numerous (as happens 18 8”,23| discovers it when he is to commune, he must make a union, and 19 8”,23| whatever follows, and thus commune.~ ~ [162] Note from the 20 8”,23| Pammachius, of letting Christians commune on Wednesdays and Fridays 21 8”,23| received permission from him to commune, in much the same way as 22 8”,23| Holy Bema and expected to commune there, St. Ambrose would 23 8”,23| and did not go back in to commune, according to custom. For, 24 8”,23| foul murders ought not to commune inside the Bema. See also 25 8”,23| 143) that an emperor may commune within the Bema only at 26 8”,23| When they were going to commune, especially on Sunday, the

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